Friday 11 November 2016

Movember : 5 steps to a great moustache and beard

Months are flying by and we are already well into November, a month dedicated to raising awarenes about mens health. Throught the idea of »moveber«, when men let their facial hair grow in the month of November to raise awareness, the cause has become quite widely known throughout the years and I'm sure you must have heard about it by now. 

If you decided (or will after reading this post –it's never to late to join) to support the cause by letting your facial hair grow, here are some tips on keeping your moustache and beard well maintained and looking its best.

Just in case you're not sure what movember is actually all about, here is a link to the Movember Foundation, where you can read all about the cause.

Step 1: CLEAN

Keeping the area around the facial hair is highly important as the dirt from everyday can easily get stuck between the hair. Using a facial wash should work just fine, a softening shampoo would be great as well, but for the lazy ones out there (such as my boyfriend, who still insists that a showel gel works just as well on the hair or the face), try going for a shower gel that contains a higher percentage of natural oils, such as L'Occitane Almond Shower Gel or the Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash, becouse they might help to slightly moisturize and soften the hair while cleaning the area.
In case of any clogged pores, an extracting mask based on clay or coal should do the trick. The Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatement works miracles, but there should be a lot of budget options available at the drugstore as well.

Step 2: SHAPE

It might take some time to get to the lenght where shaping is even an option, but then a pair of small but sharp scisors, some tweezers and a comb should be your best friends. Regular brushing can help to control stubborn hairs, the scissors help with the flyaway hair and are useful for precise shaping. Tweezers will come in handy for the individual hair that are incoveniently placed.

Remember, a good beard and moustache takes a while and a lot of patience to form (usually longer than a month). But, with some TLC you should see some positive results soon.

Step 3: CARE

Beard and mousctache care is just as important as hair or skincare. Regular moisturization will ensurea healthy, soft beard and moustache and the use of different waxed or similar shaping products should help to »teach« the hair to stay in the shape you want it to be.
The Mo Bro's company makes great starter kits that provide you with everything you need to start taking  proper care of your beard.

If you are not ready to completely dive into the world of beard care products, you can grab yourself a bottle of Melvita's Jojoba Oils that should work just as great.

I've also seen that Afrodita now carries a line of beardgrooming products and while I haven't yet tested any on my boyfriend, they look quite interesting and might be worth a try.

Step 4: SCENT

This step might not make any sense to you, but this step actually makes a huge difference. The way I find works best (on the boyfriend ofcourse) are the Lush solid perfumes. Rub a small amount of the perfume into the hair, making sure you smell great and keep everyone wondering where the scent is coming from.

Such a useful trick (that I must admit I learnt from a guy who says he wears a perfume on/in his beard everytime he goes out to party). Based on jojoba oil they do not only make sure you smell great, they also help to additionaly moisturize the hair, making it softer and way more pleasant to the touch. No more complaining about pointy, stubby hair when kissing!

My favorite for him is without the doubt the Smuggler's Soul solid perfume, with sexy notes of sandalwood and vetiver. For a bit more misterious vibe, the Breath of God solid perfume should do the trick.


Let's not forget that Movember is not only all about the facial hair, but stands for way more important issues of men's health. Below you can find a link to my Pinterest board called »Movember« where you can find some ideas and inspirations for Movember and a few charts to let you know all about the issues of mens health that are rarely talked about.

Stay healthy and proudly wear your moustache and beard to raise awarenes amongst others as well!

Movember board on my Pinterest:

I hope that these tips come in handy, if you like them don't forget to share them with your friends! In  the mean time, check out some of the post that my fellow bloggers prepared to support the Movember cause:


  1. Ta objava mi je pa res všeč. Moj ima tudi brado in si mi dala celo kakšno idejo kaj mu lahko kupim :). Odlične fotografije in priporočila. :)

    1. Hvala :) Imam srečo, da mi moj dovoli eksperimentirat na njegovi bradi, tako da imam nekaj izkušenj tudi iz tega področja :D

  2. Odlična objava, sem podala link še mojemu partnerju :)


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