Monday 25 September 2017

First Impressions: LE Catrice x Dawid Tomaszewski

Catrice collaborated with the designer Dawid Tomaszewski for their new collection and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. The rose gold and geometric design on the packaging give the whole line a sophisticated yet trendy vibe and the shades seem perfect for autumn.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the gorgeous eyeshadow palette and a lipstick to try out.  Now that the collection is available in stores, I want to share my impressions with you and hope that it might help you if you are interested in any of the products.

Eye & Face Palette C01 Bauhaus Obsession (8,29 €)

This palette is without the doubt the pièce de résistance of the collection. Combining a blush, highlighter and eight eyeshadows, it is perfect for creating a glowy autumnal look. A warm pink blush with golden sheen gives the face a fresh and healthy look and the champagne toned highlighter provides that extra glow to make your cheeks pop. Both are easy to blend and provide the sheen without looking too glittery –I'm impressed. 

The eyeshadows do vary in pigmentation as the mattes seem a bit on the sheer side and even the darkest shades do not look as dark on the eyes as in the pans. The upper row offers a selection of sheer but highly glittery shadows, while the bottom row provides some gorgeous autumnal shades, lovely for defining the shape of your eyes. The eyeshadows work nice for creating a smokey, autumnal eyeshadow looks, I especially love the golden/green dark shade on the right side. 

During the application there is quite a bit of fallout, so I suggest doing the eyes before moving to foundation. They lasted well on my eyes with an eyeshadow primer underneath. At the end of the day, the shades did look a bit faded and there was a tiny bit of smudging underneath my eyes, but that happens with almost any eyeshadow palette I own.

Wild Matt Lipstick C02 Lucy's Red (4,29 €)

The lipstick and its design look and feel extremely luxurious. Rose gold packaging looks gorgeous and feels nice and heavy. It smells sweet, like vanilla, which gives it another lovely touch. The texture is rich, creamy and very pigmented. 

At first, there is a bit of a shine visible, but it eventually dries down as the lipsticks sets on the lips. Even though the formula feels creamy, it starts to feel slightly drying, although not unbearable. For those who suffer from dry lips, I would suggest wearing a lip balm beneath.

The shade is a stunning, deep blue toned red that will be perfect for the autumn and the holiday season. It wears nicely and leaves quite a strong, but even stain as it fades. I am highly tempted to get my hands on the darker shade as well.

Cosmetic Bag (5,29 €)

The bag is gorgeous, but quite small and would only fit a few items. If you are looking for something small to put in your handbag or even a clutch, this might be perfect. It is just big enough to carry around enough makeup to be able to do touch-ups on the go. Still, the colour and design are beautiful and it makes for a lovely fall accessory.

I will be on the lookout for the collection in the stores, because I've got my mind set on the liners (and perhaps the dark lipstick shade as well.). Are you interested in any items from the line? Let me know your thought below in the comments.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!


your Beautysaur


  1. Jaz imam temno šminko in sem mislila, da bo rdeča boljša in očitno je. Vsaj po tvojem opisu sodeč. Temna je manj pigmentirana, ampak odtenek je bomba. Zame tudi malo preveč suha oz. za moje ustnice. Ta kolekcija je res čudovita. Torbica je ekstra cute, čeprav bi želela, da bi bila še večja. Paleta pa prav tako izgleda čudovito :).

    1. Sem videla sliko na IG, šminka zgleda res lepa in jesenska na tebi :)
      Celotna kolekcija je čudovita na pogled <3

  2. Za to kolekcijo pa priznam, da jo celo jaz čakam, ampak predvsem zaradi embalaže :) Čeprav sodeč po tvoji swatchih mi Lucy's Red izgleda čudovita in vredna nakupa že zaradi odtenka.

    1. Ta stavek je pa nekaj s čimer bi lahko kolekcijo oglaševali :) :) -da je pakiranje tako lepo da je še tebe prepričalo da čakaš na LE :D
      Ja, mislim da bi Lucy's Red krasno izgledala na tebi :)

  3. This is so graceful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yeah.. Loved that shade of lipstick. Can you share your look in with that lipstick?


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