Sunday 4 February 2018

Spring 2018: New products from Catrice and L.O.V.

The brands L.O.V. and Catrice have updated their line and added a lot of new products. I got to try a few of them and want to share my opinions of them with you in this blog post:

Catrice California In a Box Bronzer & BlushPalette in 010 Malibu Beach Collection

I was intrigued the moment I saw this online. The color selection seems perfect for my skin tone and I like the idea of having all of my face products in one place.

The palette consists of two blushes, a warm pink matte shade and a peach with golden shimmer. The pigmentation is impressive, and you only need a tiny bit of product.

 The bronzers are both matte, the lighter one is a bit more neutral and the darker more warm toned. I found them slightly patchy, but they look smooth and pretty with a bit more blending.

 The highlighter is a warm shimmery gold and although the swatch on the hand looks really pigmented, it gives the face a nice soft sheen. It might not be for those who don't like visible shimmer, as the color slightly fades with wear and the shimmer particles get more visible.

You get 5 products in a palette for the price of 10,49€. Overall, I'm enjoying the palette and I think I will get to use it a lot in the summer.

When it comes to mascaras, I can be a bit fussy. I usually find something that I like and then stick to it as long as possible. However, I was drawn to this mascara and I am glad I tried it out.

The brush has a slight hourglass shape and short but dense bristles. The formula is quite wet, but thick and tends to stick to the brush. Application is easy and it is easy to layer multiple coats. The final effect are voluminous and fairly defined lashes, although I think it could do better in the lengthening aspect. Still, unless your lashes are really short, this mascara gives a very full and dramatic effect.

It lasts on my lashes throughout the whole day and holds the curl ( yesterday it survived a long walk in a heavy snow) and at the end of the day I struggle to completely remove it, unless I use an oil cleanser. I love how long-lasting it is, but am not sure if it is worth all the scrubbing at the end of the day.

The mascara costs 5,29 € and is also available in a non-waterproof version. It's one of the best budget friendly mascaras I've tried in a while.

Catrice Rock Couture Liquid Liner in 20 Bluellet for My Valentine

Although I rarely wear it, I love a good blue eyeliner. This one caught my eye in the store and (*i swear*) jumped into my shopping basket.

 It comes with a classic brush applicator that I wish was a bit more pointed at the end, to make the application easier and more precise. However, the color is beautiful, a bright blue with silver shimmer, and the staying power really impressive for a drugstore eyeliner.

It costs 3,99 € and comes in a few different shades, I'm very tempted by the rose gold one as well.

This product is actually a part of the Code: Nude collection that is available in stores from the beginning of this month. It comes in three different shades, however I received the lightest one, that might be a bit too light for my brows.

The formula of the pomade is thin, but pigmented and allows for a very precise application. The highlighter part feels a bit oilier, almost like a lip balm, and applies quite sheer, with a bit of shimmer.

I was not blown away, but did enjoy the product, although I suspect I would have liked it even more if I tried it in a darker shade. It costs 9,99 €.

I've heard a lot about this line of nail polish and was always eager to try it out. They are just as good as everybody says.

The formula is thick and creamy, applies smoothly and dries relatively quickly. With this shade one application was more than enough for full opacity. Lately, any polish I apply chips within a few hours, and I was really happy that this one lasted on my nails for a good few days.

The shade 264 is a muted, creamy blue with a green-ish undertone. Although I like the color, I was a bit surprised when it arrived, as the shade looks completely different online (so be wary if you are shopping online, the colors on the L.O.V. website may vary from the actual shade).

It costs 5,99 € and I already have a few more shades on my wish list. 

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beaurysaur


  1. Jaz pa nisem navdušena nad California paletko. Sem jo testirala v zadnjem tednu in se mi zdijo texture preveč suhe, zato se tudi ne blendajo lepo, pa še drugi blusher nima neke pigmentacije. Edino highlighter je v redu. Na splošno nisem zadovoljna z njo, žal.

    Za maskaro sumim, da vodoodporna verzija boljša, ker je verjetno že ko jo kupiš bolj gosta in ne tako mokra kot navadna. Vse vodoodporne maskare, ki sem jih imela do zdaj so bolj suhe od verzij z navadno formulo.

    Sem upala, da bodo aplikatorji pri teh novih eyelinerjih enaki kot v Liquid Eyeliner verziji :/ Škoda. Formula pa verjamem, da je odlična, ker Catrice zna naredit dobre eyelinerje, tudi barvne :)

    Moj tale L.O.V. odtenek še čaka, da ga preizkusim (sem preveč lena, da bi menjavala vse več kot enkrat na teden, ker mi vse zdrži forever), je pa super slišat, da tudi ti opažaš, da so malenkost boljši glede obstojnosti kot njihova konkurenca :) Meni v kombinaciji z njihovim Gel nadlakom zdržijo nenormalno dolgo, samo kar se mi ne da čakat dlje kot pri Seche da se posuši.

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