Tuesday 9 June 2015

New in my beauty stash #13: KIKO

The last time I was in KIKO I found some intriguing products again, and simply couldn't pass them up! (for anyone wandering, yes, I mentioned April was a no-spending month for me, but this was a single exception, because I really really wanted the perfume trio and was afraid it would be gone by the end of the month).

This is, for a difference, a picture heavy post, but if you want an in-depth review of any beloved mentioned products, just let me know in the comments!

Face skin glow
light effect day cream

Shimmering body oil

 Perfume roll-on trio set 

 Tribal - vanilla & musk
 Essential - rose & cherry
 Ritual - bergamote & jasmine

 Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Kiko je nekako hit or miss. Se mi je že zgodilo da sem polovico stvari dala naprej, posamezne produkte pa res obožujem :)


    1. Jaz sem pa do sedaj imela kar srečo, je pa res da so nekateri izdelki samo ok, nekateri so pa neverjetno dobri <3


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