Tuesday 1 September 2015

Kiko: Rebel Romantic Review

Romantic and sophisticated, but rebellious and somehow edgy at the same time, the Rebel Romantic LE collection from Kiko Cosmetics stole my heart the moment I saw it. 

Luxuriously looking rose gold packaging, gorgeous patterns and intoxicating color selection gives this drugstore release an expensive high-end look.

The collection looks for inspiration in medieval fairytale settings, with a magical combination of princess features and a fearless warrior, somehow reminiscing of famous legend about Lady Godiva. 

Timeless selection of colors lets you decide whether you wish to be a gentle romantic or a dauntless conqueror.

Deciding what to get was a long and hard process, but I finally chose the contour set, bronzer and a lipstick. In the end I couldn't resist the gorgeous rose gold bag as well.

Contour set seemed like a great concept, with a combination of a matte contour and highlighting pen. Color wise ,I decided on a darker set in 02 Medium to dark.

I'm not really sure how are the colors in the lighter set, but the contour pen is slightly to warm for creating shadows. However, the shade is a gorgeous bronzer for darker skin tones that gives a really natural finish.

Highlighter pen is a warm cream shade with tiny gold shimmer. It works great in combination with the contour pen, but doesn't blend as nicely and looks a bit too artificial on the skin. It is however a gorgeous highlighter for under the brow and inner eye corners.

The exquisite beauty that actually convinced me to make an order was the Perfecting bronzer in 02 Medium to dark. The design reminds me of the famous Charlotte Tilbury blushes, but this one actually looks even more appealing to me. 

A tiny circle of a light off-white perfecting powder is surrounded by a perfect shade of matte bronzer with a delicate design. They are both very finely milled and almost creamy texture blends perfectly into the skin. 

Bronzer shade gives the face a most naturally sun-kissed look, and can be built up to a stronger effect.

The item that I simply couldn't pass was a magnificent looking Intensely Lavish lipstick. Having trouble with deciding on a color, I chose it purely for its name -01 Lusty Peony, which turned out to be a bewitching dusky rose color.

 The lipstick applies flawlessly, sliding over lips like a soft creamy hug. Starting out as a creamy/satin finish, it feels heavenly on the lips and last for a few hours on the lips before fading into an even matte rose stain.   

Not being completely taken by the contour kit, I wish I chose a blush instead, but otherwise, I am absolutely smitten by this collection.

If you have a chance, I warmly recommend you take a stroll to Kiko or at least take a look at the collection online (Rebel Romantic), because you are bound to fall in love with it!

As I know you want to see more of this ravishing collection, I suggest you read a review by a fellow blogger at Passing Fancy.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Že na pogled so vsi tako kjut, embalaže so čudovite, odtenki pa tudi :)

  2. oh my gosh these products look gorgeous, the packaging and the product itself. I love Kiko, I deffo need to purchase these! I'm in love lol!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  3. Hvala za omembo <3
    Čudovite stvari res, ne vem če sem že bila kdaj tako navdušena nad kolekcijo. Mi je malo žal da nisem še vzela kremne, bež senčke.


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