Saturday 11 June 2016

LUSH haul + First Impressions

It's not a secret that I've been a devoted Lushie for ages, but in the last few years I lacked the time (and space in my wardrobe) to take a proper look and find any new things to try out. But, lately I've been spending more time in Lush and found quite a few items that immediately became a part of my regular routine.

Today I want to share with you a few new things that I've recently added to my Lush collection:

My hair tends to get greasy very quickly and I find myself constantly washing my hair, which is both annoying and not really good for the scalp.

Getting this shampoo, I was warned that it might be quite drying to the hair, but for me, this was an absolute miracle. It cleans my hair fast and effortlessly, makes them feel clean and soft and after washing the hair, there is no trace of shampoo left (I hate it when my hair feels heavy and weighed down right after washing it!), except for the glorious scent of roses that lingers on them for a while.

This I almost can't believe myself, but I can easily go without washing my hair for at least 3-4 days, if using dry shampoo maybe even longer. It completely changed the way my hair feels and act- for the better, and I am without a doubt, completely hooked.

Even though my hair doesn't need too much added nourishment after the shampoo, I still like to use some sort of a conditioner to add a bit of umph. This one promises a lot of volume and a nice shine to the hair, which is just what I usually look for. 

I've only used it a couple of times, therefore I can't give you my full opinion yet, but for now, I'm really enjoying it (+it also smells incredible, which is always a welcome bonus!).

This is the item I was contemplating buying for years. I've read so many great review, heard so many rave recommendations that I simply had to give it a go. I though I am not the biggest fan of lemon scents, but this has me hooked. But not just because of the scent, obviously another miracle worker, this lovely soft butter rescued my cuticles (which used to look dry as a desert) and made them look (and feel) healthy and nourished.

As another suggested use is to apply it on the heels, I think this will be my loyal companion throughout the year, and especially for the hot summer days. If you have never tried this, at least go and dip a finger in it in your local Lush store, you won't regret it!

This was love at first sight. Even though I always thought Lush's idea to wrap the gifts in recycled or vintage scarfs was quite ingenious, I never thought to buy them on their own. That was of course, until I set my eyes on this gorgeous colourful design. I first spotted it in the spring catalogue, saw it in person at a Lush store in Zagreb (where it was unfortunately out of stock) and finally got my hands on it at a Lush store in Ljubljana.

I love using this one in my hair as a head band, but I've hear a few other suggestions, such as using them as table cloths or even sewing a piece fabric on them and using them as pillow covers (which I am quite tempted to do, just imagine how cute it would look!).

The last, but in no means least, is this refreshing tonic. I fell in love with tonics last year, when I was kindly given one from Melvita, and was quite devastated when it run out. Even though I loved that one, I wanted to try something new and when I spotted this one in Lush, I had to take it home with me.

With the ingredients like rose and lavender this feels refreshing and calming on the skin. You can use it either as an extra hydration step in your routine, a refreshing mist during the day or even something to set/revive your makeup. I love how much you get for the price you pay and I'm highly enjoying how it feels on my face.

So here they are, my latest additions from Lush. If you have any recommendation on which Lush products I simply have to try out, I'm always open to suggestions!

Have you tried any of these product? Did you like them?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!


your Beautysaur


  1. Hmm zdaj me je pa zamikal ta šampon.. :) Bi blo super, če bi lahko kak dan podaljšala med pranji :) Ta tonic pa mam tudi na wishlisti.. Jaz sem čisto navdušena nad deodorantom T'eo :) Sicer je malo neroden glede uporabe, je pa drugače super :)) pa masažne ploščice so super! Ahhh vedno se najde kaki izdelek, ki bi ga še imela :)

    1. Se strinjam, vsak obisk v Lushu zame pomeni še vsaj en izdelek dodan na WL :D

  2. Lemony Flutter je božanski! Jaz ga imam že več kot leto in ga bom definitivno ponovno kupila takoj ko ga porabim. Je res pravi miracle worker za obnohtno kožico, meni je super tudi za kakšne majhne praskice, za pete in suhe komolce :)
    Se mi pa tudi tale šampon dobro bere, bi si ga mogoče lahko privoščila potem ko porabim trenutni clarifying šampon :)

    1. Se čisto strinjam, + ne morem verjeti kako hitro je moja koža opazno bolj mehka! :)
      Šampon pa definitivno priporočam če imaš težave z mastnimi lasmi :D


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