Monday 6 February 2017

Review: Avon Life for Her


A while ago Avon released a new fragrance, called Avon Life that was created in collaboration with Kenzo. They created two lovely scents, one for men and one for women, and packed them into gorgeous bottles designed by Kenzo. As I was lucky enough to receive a set to test it out, I am here today to let you know how it performed:

The Avon Life for Her collection includes an Avon Life eau de parfum, perfumed body spray and a body lotion. With notes of waterlily, violet and iris flower the fragrance emits sophisticated, but not to floral vibes.


The Eau de Parfum is the star of the collection, firstly with a gorgeous bottle design that features a violet blossom on the top. It blends well with my skin chemistry and creates a warm and inviting blend. Although I've heard a few complaints regarding its staying power, I've not experienced any problems in that area myself. I can still smell it on me after a few hours wear (except when venturing into different heavily perfumed areas).


Just in case I feel like the scent is beginning to fade, I like to carry around the perfumed body spray. Although not as magnificent to look at, the spray can is much easier (and lighter) to throw in your handbag. It's not as strong in terms of scent, but easier to re-apply. The staying power is (as expected from a body spray) not as good as the perfume,  but you do get more of the product in here and I tend to only use it to top up the perfume if it starts disappearing.


The body lotion has a very light texture and to me it feels like there is something a bit powdery in the scent. It is not the most moisturizing product out there, but works nice if you want to gently hydrate and soften the skin, while also adding a bit of fragrance. I usually like to »layer« the scent by first applying the body lotion, spraying on the perfume and then re-applying the body spray when needed.
Surprisingly, I really fell in love with the scent and for the last few months, it was the only fragrance I reached for. There were also a few times when I received a compliment about my perfume, which does not happen to me that often. It makes me feel grown-up and confident and I will definitely continue to use it regularly.

With Valentine's day coming up, this could be a lovely gift for your significant other, especially if they are into scent and pampering. 

As I mentioned before, there is also a men's collection that consists of eau de toilette, deodorant body spray and hair and body wash. The scent is vibrant and fresh, with notes of black pepper, violet and cedar wood.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur

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  1. Še vedno nisem napisala ocene tega seta, ampak se popolnoma strinjam s tvojimi besedami. Jaz tudi ta vonj vedno opišem kot grown up :D. Nisem ljubiteljica cvetličnih vonjev, ampak ta mešanica me je navdušila. Ko sem ga dobila, sem ga nosila konstantno. Zdaj pa bolj za takrat ko rabim kaj sofisticiranega in resnega :).


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