Friday 29 September 2017

Review: L'Oreal ·Pure Clay· Glow mask & Illuminating Cleansing Gel

My skin was always a bit problematic, with excess sebum production and constant blemishes, it was always a challenge to find suitable skincare. I found that clays and charcoal work well with my skin and was therefore really excited when the face mask and cleansing gel from the L'Oreal Pure Clay arrived in the post.


The illuminating cleansing gel is powered by three different clays and charcoal that are supposed to clean your skin, unclog the pores and give it a healthy look and fresh glow.

When applied to wet skin, the gel transforms into a smooth, creamy texture that is easy to wash off. With daily use, I noticed that my skin looked cleaner and appeared less oily throughout the day. After a while, my skin appeared clearer and less blemished.

It works perfectly as a daily cleanser for my oily skin, as it helps to get rid of impurities but does not leave it feeling stripped or dry.   


Even though the cleansing gel does its job well, my skin still feels like it needs a bit more attention occasionally. The mask is also formulated with charcoal and three different clays that help to draw out impurities and detox the skin.

Compared to some other clay masks I have tried it does not leave the skin feeling stripped or dry but rather gives it a lovely radiant glow. It helps when my skin feels oily or clogged and prevents new spots from appearing.

I have been using it especially on my T-zone, where the sebum and imperfections seem to appear most regularly. Works wonders in »that time of the month« when my skin tends to act out the most. I think it would work well for any type of skin, adjusting the frequency of use according to your skin's needs.


Both products are a total hit for me and quickly became a part of my regular routine. They have worked great with my skin and now that the mask has run out and the cleansing gel seems to be almost empty, I am tempted to try out one the other sets from the Pure Clay line. If you have tried any of them, I am always open to suggestions.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!


your Beautysaur


  1. Meni sta izdelka všeč, nista pa me posebej navdušila in ju nebi kupila več. Maska mi je super, ampak imam raje bolj naravne stvari, trenutno uporabljam Herbio medeno masko in mi definitivno bolj odgovarja.

    Super fotografije xx

  2. Maska je ena izmed moji ljubših, ampak na meni deluje kot navadna glinena maska. Ima tisti takojšni učinek, ko koža izgleda zdrava, sijoča in z bolj čistimi porami, ampak do zjutraj ta učinek izgine, kar mi je malo škoda, ampak dobro, saj čudežev od kozmetike res ne morem pričakovat. Gel me pa praktično oslepi, če mi zaide v oči. Peče kot da mi nekdo z laserjem kuri roženice :/ Tektura mi je sicer zelo všeč :)

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