Wednesday 31 January 2018

Catrice BlushFlush LE ▪ Ombre Blush Palette ▪ C01

Feels like it has been a while since I was so intrigued by a LE product from the drugstore. I've seen these blushes pop up on social media and was immediately drawn to them because of the retro packaging design and the ombre setup inside. 

Makeup experts predict that 2018 will be a big year for blush, and Catrice came out with a whole LE collection dedicated to blush –Blush Flush. Last week I walked by the collection in the store and had to pick up one to try. I went for the warmer of the two, called C01 Blurred Orange. The C02 Vibrant Pink has colder undertones; you can see how it looks in Adjusting Beauty's review

The shades range from a rosy beige, through a vibrant shimmery orange to a warm brown. They can be used separately, depending on the shade of the blush you want to go for, or mixed, to create a warm pink with a golden sheen. 

Formula is a bit tricky, as it is very soft and creates a lot of fallout, but at the same times makes the blush very smooth, easy to blend and pigmented. The blush fades throughout the day, but the color is still there and the shimmer gets more visible in time. 

Catrice suggest you use the palette for contouring and highlighting as well, although I'm not too sure if the warm tones are really suitable for that. However, I can see this would be a great all in one product in the summer time, if you wanted to slightly define your cheekbones. 

Overall, I was quite impressed by the product, it also seems to me like you get a lot of blush for your money (17.6g for 5,69€). Besides that, I can't get over the awesome packaging, I'd rather not admit how much time I've wasted just looking at it. 

The collection is already in stores, available from 24th of January and on Click2Chic

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Sem bila prepričana, da bom vzela še ta odtenke, pa sem si v trgovini premislila. Delno, ker imam polne predale peach odtenkov :D in delno, ker se mi je ta verzija zdela bolj šimrasta kot roza. Ampak odtenki so pa res čudoviti. In ja za denar dobiš veliko izdelka :).

    Hvala za omembo ;) <3

    1. Se mi je zdelo malo nenavadno, da si ti vzela pink verzijo, ker bi ti vedno pripisala bolj peach odtenke :)
      Veš da, tvoje objave se vedno splača delit <3 :)


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