Thursday 20 August 2015

July Favorites 2015

It's practically the end of August and I'm only now finding time to write my July favorites. I am completely swamped with studying and I spend all my days in front of my table. Even though I spent most of July makeup-free, there were a few items that grabbed my attention the most last month. Because of the heat, I completely gave up any face makeup, but couldn't completely give up on lipsticks and mascara.

A great find last month was the ArtDeco All in One Mascara waterproof. I had no intention of buying a new mascara, but seeing this one on offer, I couldn't resist, and I am really happy that I got it. 
Even though the brush looks very average, this mascara completely stole my heart. It proves worthy of its name by providing lots of volume and length at the same time. The waterproof formula keeps the curl and helps it last through the day.
 Compared to my other mascara, this one leaves my lashes feeling softer and not as stiff as the others, which gives them a more natural look and makes it much more comfortable to wear. 

A true testimony to the miracle this mascara works on your lashes, was my boyfriend asking me if I was wearing false lashes because of how full and long my lashes looked.

When I wanted a bit of color on my lips, I used either one of the Essence Longlasting Lipliners that I got at the beginning of the month. 
The 05 lovely frappuccino is a true 90's nude, and the 07 plum cake a slightly different, more plum-y shade. The texture of both is smooth, but firm enough to stay on the lips. 
They apply beautifully and feel creamy on the lips while giving the lips a lovely matte finish. The size makes them a perfect on-the-go product and the price makes them a bargain every lipstick lover should have.

For a subtle addition to the lips, I loved the Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother in 010 Sweet Caramel. There's a reason why everybody went crazy about these, there is something about them that makes your lips feel and look amazing. 
The texture is smooth and creamy, glides over the lips and gives them a lovely sheen without feeling sticky. It's not very long-lasting, but the packaging and the applicator makes it easy to re-apply as many times as needed. 
This color was just removed from the permanent collection but there are still a lot of others to choose from available at the store.

I spent some time at the seaside in July and fell in love with these Ipanema flip-flops. I was against these kind of shoes for the longest time, but these were a love at the first sight. They are neutral enough to wear off-beach and quite comfortable and quickly became my favorite summer footwear.

One of my all-time-favorites is Baška, a place on the island Krk in Croatia. It's the beach I've been coming throughout my whole life and it's one of my favorite places on earth. Perfect for hiking during off-season months and an awesome beach during the summer! Can't wait to go back there!

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Essence linerji in Catrice ''gloss'' so super - klasike za vsak dan :)

  2. Baška <3 Edina plaža na katero se splača it, ampak ko bi vsaj imeli več sence tam, ker jaz na soncu ne ležim :D Kaj pa imaš tisto neko ekstra kjut stvar na prvi sliki, tisto roza s pikicami?

    1. Pri nas smo tako navajeni, da gremo zgodaj zjutraj tja, pa smo v vodi / sprehodu po mestu ipd dokler ni prevroče, pa se potem vrnemo nazaj, ker noben ni preveč ljubitelj sonca :)
      Kakšen spy si ti hh, tisto je pa en zelo poceni eyeliner iz AliExpressa, najprej mi je bil res všeč, potem pa me je zadnje dni precej zafrkaval in sem ga morala izločit iz posta, pa se mi (priznam) ni dalo še enkrat slikat cele vsebine torbice :) :D

    2. Tok mi je lep eyeliner. Saj ni važno, če je dober, bi ga imela vsaj za okras. I know, I'm terrible :D Imaš kakšen link?

    3. Ti ga pošljem na FB :) Saj sploh ni slab eyeliner, samo včasih se malo slabše izkaže :)

  3. maskara in liplinerji:) in morje, kok je lepo..čist huda plaža.

    1. Plaža je pa res nora ja, včasih sploh ne morm vrjet da je tako blizu :D


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