Sunday 28 February 2016

Battling cold with AlpStories Ginkgo Bath Salts

Weather here seems to be unable to makeup it's mind. One day it's super warm, spring-like and I'm running around in my sweater and another day I'm freezing in a thick coat in the snow. With all these quick changes, one is almost sure to catch a cold.
Whenever I felt that I was getting sick over the course of winter, I did my best to prevent it from fully developing. One thing that I find has helped a lot, were the bath salts from AlpStories.

Although they are scented with gingko natural fragrance, you can also find eucalyptus and peppermint oil amongst the ingredients and this gives them a strong, fresh scent that reminds me of tiger balms or other similar ointments that people often use during a cold.

When dissolved in warm water, the salts melt quickly and fill the air with their scent, and the scent alone is strong enough to help you clear the airways and allow you to breathe easier. After a 15-20 min soak in the warm water, I felt invigorated, my muscles that often hurt during sickness were relaxed, I was warmed up and the congestion in my chest seemed to calm down a bit.

The whole experience feels almost spa like and healing, and the combination of relaxation, warmth and essential oils is bound to help you at least to some extent (just make sure you keep yourself warm after you come out of the bath!). I also tested this method on my boyfriend when he had a terrible cold and he also noticed a slight improvement after each bath. 
The bath salts were a gift on a bloggers event and had the custom-made label (which is one of the cutest things ever!), and I was also given a massage oil and a body lotion that I have yet to properly test out. However, the salts were one of the best discoveries this winter as they helped me feel better and fight the colds.

Overall, AlpStories are in my opinion one of the most interesting brands on our market. They offer a wide range of high quality products, but also offer a unique chance for you to create a product of your own. In a few simple steps, you are guided over the whole process, from choosing the type of product, picking the ingredients to actually designing a custom label for the finished masterpiece. I played around on the website and re-created these bath salts for about 10 € for 400g of products that will last you for quite a few baths. 

To check out the page and all of the amazing products visit and make sure to play around with the product design to see how fun it can be!

your Beaurysaur


  1. Kako dober napis na embalaži! :D Fajn objavica. :) (Natalija)

    1. Ane, pa tko kjut je blo ker smo jih okoli Božiča dobile :D
      Hvala :)

  2. pogrešam eno veliko banjo:)Jaz sem povonjala tele soli v Hoferju in moram povedat, da so me zelo pozitivno presenetle. Imam pa od Alpstories mleko za telo z vonjem ginka in je super, super, res tak fajn smooth občutek je na koncu in hitro se vpije. Oni itak razturajo:)

    1. Verjamem, jst nebi mogla brez banje <3 :D
      Jaz včasih kar tako mal embalažo odprem da potem soba diši :P :D
      Moram še kaj sprobat od njih, ker do zdej je bilo vse top! :D


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