Tuesday 29 March 2016

On the hunt for the best hair treatment

The other day I had a few errands in the vicinity of Ilirija drugstore (online known as Click2Chic) and of course couldn't resist popping into the store. Even though I am supposed to be on a spending ban, I simply could not pass the amazing deals they had on some of the haircare pieces:

Schwartzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Million Gloss Crystal Oil
(shimmering shine & millionized light-reflexions)

I've been using the shampoo and conditioner from this line for a while now and really enjoying them, therefore it was easy for me to decide to give this one a go as well.
Even though my hair tends to get greasy very quickly, I've always looked for something to give my hair a bit of that healthy shine. This one works lovely, doesn't weigh my hair down, doesn't make it look or feel oily, but instead helps to tame any fly-aways and makes the hair feel and look shiny and healthy.

Pantene Pro-V Intensive Repair

The mask promises to hydrate and protect the hair from any styling damage and that was enough to convince me to buy it. It has a lovely fruity scent and makes the hair feel incredibly soft and smooth. After trying it for the first time, my hair was softer, sleeker and the effect were noticeable for almost a week after use. It worked great on my normal-to-greasy hair and when I got my mum (who has quite dry and coloured hair) to try it as well, she was just as impressed.  

Garnier Ultra Doux Argan oil and Cranberry Nourishing and Repairing Mask

The Ultra Doux line from Garnier has always been a favourite of mine and that is why I decided to give this one a go as well. Even though my hair isn't coloured, I think the argan oil could provide a lovely treatment for my hair. This one I have yet to try and will report back once I do so.

Syoss Repair-Care Treatment
(without silicones, parabens and paraffines)

I'm always struggling with growing my hair really long as the ends tend to look really bad after a while and need to be trimmed regularly. That is why I thought a repairing mask like this one could come in handy.
I already gave this a go and while the mask felt nice on my hair, the product apparently caused a strange allergic reaction on my skin. I'm not quite sure what might have caused it and will give this one another chance, but I am not really impressed with it.

L'Oreal Paris Elseve Fibralogy Thickness Enhancer

Even though I was blessed with lots of thick hair, I feel that my hair could always use a bit of that extra oomph. This mask promises to do just that and I am really excited to give it a try. I might include my mum as well, because she has really thin and week hair and will report back, comparing the effects.

What kind of treatments do you use on your hair? 

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  1. L'Orealova kolekcija Fibrology je meni odlična, šampon sem že velikrat kupila! ;)

    1. Uu res, mogoče bom tudi jaz sprobala če mi bo maska všeč :D

  2. I use lots of products from Garnier, Syoss, Loreal etc but nothing compares to the coconut oil treatment. It's a miracle for my long dull hair! Great post! :)


    1. I still have to try using coconut oil on my hair, thanks for reminding me! :) It's constantly in my kitchen, I just never remeber to use it on myself as well :)

  3. Jaz sem čisto obsedena z Gliss Kur Million Gloss oljem, res je odlično. :)

    1. Ane, jaz sem bila tudi prav prijetno presenečena :)

  4. Ej, sploh nisem vedela, da je Ilirija = click2chic! Res ne.
    Zanimivi izdelki, bo kaj za sprobat v bodočnosti..


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