Thursday 1 December 2016

Festive Lush Christmas Collection Haul 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year… the time when Lush brings out the Christmas limited edition collection and regular baths and pamper sessions become a permanent part of my daily routine.

It's been my tradition for years, to go »slightly« crazy in Lush at Christmas time, and treat myself to all the amazing goodies that come out. This year, the situation was slighlty different as I actually started working in my local Lush store this year, which led to me obsessing over the Christmas collection in the summer when the first sneak peaks were released and had the hardest time waiting for autumn when the whole collection was released.

There are some goodies that have kindly recieved in my Lush Staff box but the majority of the products I purchased myself as I really wanted to try out as much as possible.

This years Christmas collection is self-preserving which means, that the ingridients are combined in a way that doesn't need any synthetic preservatives. There are a lot of citrusy notes throughout the collection, keeping it very fresh and invigorating, perfect to pick up your mood on a cold winter day.

As I could rumble about it for hours, let's just jump to the part where I show you everything that I have chosen.

Nevermind The Ballistics bath bomb

Sweet wild orange oil, lime oil, fresh bananas, fair trade organic cocoa butter

This is such a fun bath experience, bright colours and citrus scent are complimented by the moisturizing effect of the cocoa butter overlay, a sure one to make you feel better about your day.

Northern Lights bath bomb

Jasmine absolute, ylang ylang oil

When it's time to wind down and you are in a mood for something wonderful and romantic, this is the one I'd go for. Jasmine has always been my favorite and the colors (purple, blue and yellow) swirling together, creating mesmerizing patterens are a welcome entertainment.

Shoot For The Stars bath bomb

Fair trade organic cocoa butter, brazilian orange oil, bergamot oil

With a deep, dark blue bath water with tons of tiny gold shimmer, this is the one that will keep you sitting in the bath and looking at pretty water for ages. Though I'm not the biggest fan of honey scents myself, this will be a perfect one for anyone who likes sweet, caramel and honey like scents.

Golden Wonder bath bomb

Sweet orange oil, lime oil, cognac oil

A Christmas classic that is hard to resist –sweet, sparkly and comes designed as a present, this has been one of my faves for years. If you are a Lush newbie, this is a good one to start your journey.

Mistletoe bath bomb

Jasmine absolute, vetiver oil, ylang ylang oil

With two of my favorite and (in my modest oppinion) one of the most sexy scents there are –jasmine and vetiver, this immediately caught my eye (nose). To me, this is a perfect choice for a special occasion, such as my traditional relaxing bath on a Christmas eve.

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb

Lavander oil, tonka absolute, ylang ylang oil

Another one of all time favourites, this multicolored number carries the same scent as an all-year-round Twillight bath bomb, a sweet and relaxing harmony of lavander and tonka that prepares you for a really good night sleep.

Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar

Rose absolute, carnation absolute, tangerine oil

While most of people describe this as a lovely floral mixture, to me this somehow smells like mulled wine, and I am not complaining. For tons of glittery bubbles on a cold night, this is what I go for.

Santasaurus bubble bar

Brazilian orange oil, bergamot oil

Could it be fate? When I saw that Lush is bringing out a Santasaurus bubble bar I was extatic, what a better combination to my blog name (you know, Santasaurus – Beautysaurus, they both come from a same dinosaur family). The fact that is smells fresh and orange-y only makes it that much better.

Sleepy body lotion

Almond oil, oatmeal infusion, lavader oil, tonka absolute

After not long consideration this was quickly established as my favorite product form this year's Christmas collection. Scented with a Twillight scent, lavander and sweet tonka this is beyond relaxing. The ingredients like oat infusion, almond oil, cacao butter and much more make this a wonderfully moisturizing product that sinks in really fast, but leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I already bought the biggest size and might be stocking up so that it will last me through the whole year.

Snow Fairy body conditioner

Mango butter, almond oil, cherry infusion, avocado butter

Amazing news for all Snow Fairy (think »bubblegum«) scented product. This year, for the first time ever you can add another item to your routine. The Snow Fairy body conditioner is packed with really moisturizing and nourishing ingredients and the same Snow Fairy scent that everybody loves and adores. Jump into the shower, use the Snow Fairy shower gel first and then the body conditioner and you'll be walking on (pink) clouds all day.

Bubbly shower gel

Vine leaf infusion, fresh white grape juice, lime oil

To get you up and awake on lazy winter mornings, this fresh and zesty number is sure the right one to reach for. Smelling like a fresh, orange cocktail, this will make you feel amazing first thing in the morning.

Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub

Jojoba oil, sweet wild orange oil, castor sugar

Lip scrubs have been my Lush staple for many years and testing out all the different scent became quite a hobby. This year's addition to my collection is the Sugar Plum Fairy (with a scent very similar to Comforter shower cream and bubble bar). They are perfect to sort out chapped lips and irreplaceable when it comes to prepping your lips for a liquid matt lipstick.

Elf On The Shelf fun

Cinnamon leaf oil, grapefruit oil, ginger root oil

Santa fun

Jasmine absolute, ylang ylang oil

As their name suggest, these pack are so much fun to use. Essentially a soap-y version of Play-Doh, this allows you to shape it however you might like it and the use it either to wash your hands or body, wash your hair or pop them under running water to create a wonderful bubble bath.

Santa's Postbox soap

Tangerine extract, mandarin oil, orange flower extract

Of all the citrus fruits, tangerine has always been my favorite and this soap smells absolutely delicious. In stores it exist as a huge postbox shape and will be cut into pieces, but here is a quick insider tip: this year there are quite a few different gift sets available that come with a miniature version of the postbox, that is too cute to handle.

Fireside soap

Dried chesnuts, clove bud oil, pimento berry oil, vanilla absolute

While essentially a part of Halloween release, this is one of my absolute favorites this year. Spicy and sweet, it reminds me of wonderful Christmas evenings in front of the fireplace. If you are the one to enjoy the more traditional Christmas scent, this might just be right up your alley.

Papa Noël face wash jelly

Lime oil, kaolin clay, tangerine oil, lime oil, whole fresh organic orange

Something completely new in this collection is a step up from Lush oh-so-popular shower jellies this year is the Papa Noël face jelly. Shaped like Santa's beard and packed with lovely calming and cleansing ingredients, this is a really fun new thing to try out (and makes a great gift for all the men in your life that you are always struggling to find a gift for).

We've reached the end of my haul, I'm so excited about everything, I'm already feeling so festive and can't wait to keep using them this December.

Are you picking up anything from this year's Lush Christmas collection?

Have a great and merry December and see you in my next post!


your Beautysaur

*the ingredients listed under each product are just some of the ingrededients from each specific product, -the post would be way to long if I listed all of them, but if you are interested in more detailed list, ingredients of specific products are very easy to find on any Lush website


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