Sunday 5 February 2017

First Impressions: Catrice Spring/Summer 2017

One of my favourite and affordable drugstore brands is in the process of adding new spring/summer items to their collection and I had to try some out. Even though I usually don't really plan out my shopping trips, I got really organized this time and created a wish list before heading to the store.

After a (really) long time standing in front of their display, I came home with five of the new products and I was lucky enough to receive a PR package, containing additional products. Today I want to share some pictures, swatches and my first impressions with you, in case you are interested to get your hands on the new collection as well.


It seems like nowadays, »cushion« is a magic word when it comes to makeup, but I was quite intrigued when I saw this. As I am still on the lookout for that perfect eyeliner to replace the pricey ArtDeco High Precision, I decided to give this one a go.

The product itself is very liquidy and the cushion/sponge is there more or less to keep the product from spilling out of the pot. It's highly pigmented and really easy to work with. It gives me the control I miss when using the product with the build-in applicator, as I can decide how much of the product to apply to the lids.

It dries out to a semi-matte finish and last well on the lids, as long as you do not vigorously rub your eyes all the time. Might not be the most longlasting eyeliner (I have not yet tried to wear it for the whole day long), but should last quite well for at least a couple of hours.

The only downside I've found so far is that it makes my eyeliner brush dry down really hard and I have properly clean it every time I want to use this product. Still, it is nothing that a bit of makeup remover or a wipe could not solve.

I'm excited to continue testing it out and see how it performs in the long run.


These immediately caught my eye and I had quite a hard time deciding which shade to go for. After a long swatching session and a bit of input from my boyfriend, I went for the darkest shade available, a deep mauve with a metallic shimmer.

Again, the product itself is very pigmented, but will sheer out a tiny bit if you try to blend it up. With a few layers, it can be built up to full opacity. It gives you a few seconds to work with before it sets into a matte finish with a metallic sheen. They will lose a bit of intensity over time, but last well on the lids and do not crease.

If you are quick with application, they act as lovely eyeshadow primers as they provide a nice coloured base and set everything in place. For those brave enough, this would make an awesome lip colour, although they will feel a bit dry after a while.

I want to test it out a bit more with a few different products on top, but this has a good chance of becoming a staple in my collection.


This was probably one of the most hyped-up items before the collection even hit the stores. As brands quite often offer only a limited selection of foundation shades, a product like this could be a perfect solution for anyone who can't find the right foundation shade.

I've given it a go with a few of my »summer« foundation that are currently way to dark on their own and was quite pleased with results. They do seem to slightly thin out the formula, but do help with getting it about a shade lighter than they are on their own.

However, I've heard a lot of disappointed opinions from the girls with really light skin shades, complaining that the shade of the product almost matches their everyday foundation and is therefore quite useless to them. I've also heard complaints about the product reducing the staying power of foundations, although I didn't notice and drastic changes.

Currently, I think this would be a nice options for those of us who struggle with buying the wrong shade of foundation or those who tan easily in the warmer months and therefore need two different sets of foundations for different seasons. For all those with fair skin, this probably won't be what you are looking for.

I'll keep using it and see how I feel about it after a little while and let you know as soon as I form a detailed opinion.


When I received this in the PR package from Dominur, I immediately thought of the long-discontinued Catrice lip product. They were called Liquid Lip Tints and were incredible, semi-sheer lip tints that smelled of fruity sweets and felt amazing on the lips. They were one of my all-time-favourite products and I was devastated when they stopped making them.

These are similar, but much more pigmented and feel almost gel-like when applied on the lips. They look like a high-shine formula gloss when freshly applied but slowly fade into an even but still pigmented stain on the lips.

 The product smells sweet and feels nice on the lips. To be honest, the shade is not something I'd really choose myself, but even though it wouldn't really suit my skin tone, I think it looks gorgeous and would look amazing on someone with lighter skin or a pink undertone.

Although the shine wears of quite fast (think usual gloss staying power) the stain lasts for hours and can even survive a lunch or any drinking.

I'm tempted to go and check out the other shades, if there is a shade more suited for me, it might have to come home with me.  


I've been waiting for one of the drugstore brands to come out with a really thin brow pencil and Catrice did not disappoint. The tip is so thin that I am quite afraid to break it and it took me a few tries to get used to it. However, the cold tone brown shade is just right for my brows and the pigmentation just right for creating a natural brow look.

I love a brow product that comes with a built-in spoolie and this one quite tiny and dense, which makes setting the shape of the brows easy and allows a lot of precision.

At the end of the day the brows look just as good as when I applied the product and I have to say I am really impressed.

(Still, be careful when choosing your product, I'm not sure who is to blame in this instance, but a top part of my pencil was completely smooshed and broken and I had to break of quite a bit of product before even trying it out for the first time. In my experience, it's usually the inconsiderate buyers who tend to destroy everything, not caring about anything else but themselves. I was angry when I got home and opened the product, but that does not make me any less impressed with its performance).



After seeing the previews of the new releases, there was something about these nail polishes that drew me to them. I was so happy when I got one in the PR package and had to immediately try it out.
The formula is easy to work with and the brush is long, thin and even (un-even brushes used to be an issue I had with lots of older Catrice nail polishes). It took two coats to achieve full opacity and the polish dries to a semi-matte finish, that doesn't look completely matte but isn't really shiny either.

The shade is a vibrant berry, almost like a younger and happier Bahama Mama by Essie and I love how it looks on the nails. It seems like the perfect shade for the transition from winter to spring.
Lately I had a lot of issues with wear time as any nail polish I tried, and this one finally stayed on my nails for a few days, didn't chip of and only showed a bit of wear on the tips of my nails. (Which, considering I am constantly dealing with young puppy biting, isn't so bad!).

I was not excited about the fact they were scented because things like this usually make me feel a bit nauseated, but the scent is really mild and barely there and is almost a pleasant addition to the nail painting experience.


I was so excited about the nail polish I tried that I had to pick up another shade when I was in the store. Again, by my boyfriend's suggestion, I chose the light purple that reminds me of spring blooms.

Formula is the same as the other one and so is the brush. Scent is also present, but still not overwhelming. There is something about these bottles that I just love and to me they look very premium and I am tempted to get more shades.

I was quite restrained and resisted buying all the items on my wish list, but I still want to show you what else caught my eye:

Liquid Metal Longlasting Cream Eyeshadow in California Creamin'
The Precious Copper Collection Eyeshadow Palette
Metallic Liquid Liner in 010 Bronze Lee
Rock Couture Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara
Ombre Two Tone Lipstick in 040 Not Expired Yet
Instant Lipstick Mattifier
Millioon Styles Lip Coat in 020 Metallic Lips
Lip Dresser Shine Stylo in 010 Simply Natural Perfection
Beautifying Lip Smoother in 070 Greatest Mauvie Ever
Lip Glow Lip Pencil 010 Secret Glowtensify
Prime and Fine Instant Line Smoother
Soft Blossom Nail Lacquer in 060 Cherry Blossom Avenue
High Light Top Coat in Blonde

Thank you for reading and I hope this post helps you if you are trying to decide what to try!


your Beautysaur


  1. Cushion eyeliner mi je padel v oči že na tvojem instagram stories, looks like fun :)

    Kapljice me niso pretirano navdušile. Odtenek je v bistvu enak kot Nars Chantilly, ki mi pa skoraj paše, tako da za mešat je premalo. Ampak vsaj niso bele, ker bela vedno uniči odtenek. Zdaj jih dva dni nisem rabila in mi je samo potrdilo, da vplivajo na obstojnost pudra.

    Laki so mi izjemno lušni, ampak dvomim bom kakšnega vzela.

  2. Cushion eyeliner me mika. Všeč mi je ideja, da je tako tekoč, ker pomeni da se verjetno nanaša z izredno lahkoto. Samo upam, da bo vsaj še obstojen tako dobro :).
    Metalic senčilo imam v zlatem odtenku in mi je všeč kot pop of color na veki, ampak me moti, ker ne morem nadgradit odtenka. Se mi zdi, da začne odpadat, če nanesem preveč naenkrat. Moraš bit dokaj hiter pri nanašanju, ker se kar hitro suši. Mi je pa všeč ta uber sijaj :D.
    Kapljice moram še stestirat. Svinčnik mi je odličen! Sem tako vesela, da imamo vsaj eno drogerijsko znamko s tem ultra tankim svinčnikom.
    Aqua Ink me je v trgovini takoj pritegnil, ampak žal mi noben odtenek ni po mojem okusu. Take izdelke obožujem ta poletje - za na bazen in podobno. Ker so obstojni in ne izgleda kot da nosiš dejansko šminko. Laki so mi tudi adorable, amapak dvomim, da kakšnega vzamem, ker mi Catrice obstojnost po navadi ni všeč.


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