Wednesday 23 July 2014

There and back again (A catch-up post)

Hello my lovely readers,
 after a whole month of (unplanned) pause, I am back with lots of new products and ideas and am very excited to start blogging again.

 Since I was gone for quite a long time and since a lot has happened since I've been away I decided to do a catch-up post and then go back to my usual and beloved topic –beauty.

So, where have I been this past month?

First of all I was hiding behind my notes and books in my room and libraries as I was studying form y uni exams through all of June. I managed to pre-write all the June posts, so I wouldn't have to stop blogging but then failed completely in July. 

The reason is that only a day after my last exam I was on my way to Romania to a Youth Exchange project in Costinesti. It was a 10 day project with a topic of Entrepreneurial youth. To quickly sum it up, it was amazing, one of the best experiences in my life.

 I learned a lot explored a new country and met so many truly amazing people and I couldn't be happier that I went!

 I have much more to say, so I might do a separate post on my experience in Romania, but let's leave it at that for now.

After Romania I was home for a week, working and studying for the last and the scariest exam in semester. I was thrilled when I passed and was able to start packing for London. 
 Me and my boyfriend went there to visit a friend who was working as a babysitter in London for the past 6 months and now had the house for herself for the last week. 

 It was an amazing week full of laughter and new discoveries. We did some sightseeing, some (a lot) of shopping and got to experience a bit of London's night life. Even though it was my 7th time there, I loved it as much as the first time and I am quite sad I had to come back.

And now?

Now I'm back home, working and preparing to start blogging again. I have a week of the seaside planned somewhere in the beginning of August and unfortunately still some exams waiting for me at the beginning of September. 
But the most important part is I am back, more than ready to start blogging regularly again.

Hope you missed me and see you soon in my next post!

your Beautysaur

P.S.: There might be a first-ever-on-my-blog giveaway coming soon, with some goodies from London, so keep your eyes peeled for that! 


  1. Super, da si nazaj. :)
    Me zelo zanima tvoj podrobnejši post o izmenjavi v Romuniji. :)
    Uuu, pa zelo ti zavidam za 7kratni obisk Londona. :P jaz sem bla do zdaj samo enkrat in me je res navdušil! <3

  2. Taki lepi komentarji mi pa cel dan polepšajo :)* Oh ja verjamem, vsakič ko grem v London se počutim kot da se vračam domov :)

  3. Super objava ;) ja tudi jaz bo rada videla kako je blo v Romuniji :D
    Blagorrr.. Jaz bi tako rada sla v London .. Se nikoli nisem bila.. :)

  4. Hvala* No super, potem bom pa napisala posebno objavo o moji izkušnji v Romuniji :) London pa popolnoma priporočam, mene ni nikoli razočaral :)

  5. Super objava, komaj cakam nove objave.. ful lepe fotke. Uff, london. Enkrat bi ga pa rada obiskala

  6. Hvala :* Zaradi vseh teh prijaznik komentarjev sm še tolko bolj vesela da sem nazaj z blogganjem :)

  7. Tudi jaz sem se čisto zaljubila v fotografije in bi z veseljem prebrala kaj več o tej izkušnji, sploh pa v Romuniji, ki ni tako pogosta destinacija.. (: Veselo bloganje naprej!

  8. You have been nominated for a Liebster Award (it is a TAG with questions)! For more information please check out my blog post:
    Good luck, have a nice day! :)


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