Saturday 21 June 2014

Makeup Revolution -Blushes

To be honest, I am not much of a blush lover. I often try to make it work, but it usually doesn't look good, no matter what I do. 
But, these blushes were so pretty I couldn't say no, so I decided to get them and try to get the hang of blusher application.

What I have noticed is that even though I have warmer undertones in my skin, blushers with colder undertones seem to look better on me. That is why I picked these three:

Vivid Blush Lacquer –O'Boy

This one is crazily pigmented and even the smallest amount is enough for a vibrant color payoff on both cheeks. 
The color is almost a Barbie pink with blue undertones. It blends perfectly and doesn't move or feels sticky after it dries. 
I thought it would be harder to work with, but I actually really like it. 
I find it is best to apply it to the back of your hand, work it into a stippling brush and then gently apply to the cheeks.

Blush –Hot!

This is a basic powder blush, but it feels really nice, buttery and almost like a creamy texture. It is also incredibly pigmented. 
This one is a mixture of pink and red and gives you a nice color. 
The lasting power on this is great as well. I've tried layering it on top of other two and it gives a really nice 

Cream Blush –Frambroise Shake

I've never tried any cream blushes before, but I love this one. 
It is a nice strawberry-like color that gives you a nice pinky glow.
 It applies smoothly and blends perfectly. This one is the most naturally looking and it is great for everyday use. 
I apply either with my fingers or a stippling brush and both give a nice effect. 
Besides everything, it lasts a really long time.

I'm really looking forward to use blushes in my makeup more often! (Now I really want to try some other colors and perhaps a bronzer or two…)

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution blushes? Which one do you like the best?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

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  1. Sta mi všeč oba Hot in Frambroise Shake :) O'Boy pa že imam.

    1. Mene mika da bi kar vse blushe od njih sprobala :)

  2. Vsi trije odtenki so mi krasni, imam samo en njihov blush ampak bom definitivno naročila še kakšenga. Sploh ta nova njihova blush&bronzer paleta me zelo mika :)

  3. Prej nikoli nisem bila navdušena nad blushi, zdaj jih pa ves čas uporabljam :)
    Se moram zadrževat, ker me res mika kupit toliko novih stvari of MR :)


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