Tuesday 17 June 2014

New in my beauty stash #8 -Makeup Revolution

I've seen so many posts about the new makeup brand on the market, that I simply had to try some on my own. Here is what I got: 

Redemption palette: Essential Mattes
Vivid Blush Lacquer: O’Boy
Blush: Hot!
Cream Blush: Frambroise Shake
Lipstick: The One
Nail Polish: True Blue

I’m already working on the reviews of the products, so stay tuned if you would like to know more!

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur
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  1. Kremni blush izgleda lep :)

    1. Super je ja, (čez 2 dni pridejo še swatchi in ocena blushev) :)

  2. Kremno rdečilo je super!

    1. Tudi meni je res všeč, pa precej lažje je za uporabljat kot sem mislila da bo :)

  3. Hey, I got into Makeup Revolution recently too!
    About two weeks+ ago, on this weekend I ordered again. ^^ First I got Iconic 1 and 3, Peach Lights Highlighter and 4 wonderfully glowy baked blushes which I luuurve.. actually love everything. So this time it'll be Romantic Smoked, Iconic 2, Disappear till Tomorrow (that one as a present) in terms of palettes and two lipsticks as well as two eye dusts.
    Hope you'll enjoy your haul. :D xoxo

    1. I actually got these a while ago and have been obsessing over them ever since :) I am really trying to restrain myself from ordering more, but I really want to try some more of their stuff -especially the baked blushes! :)


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