Saturday 7 June 2014

A very disappointing Professional Make up + Concealer Brush

I came across this brush from Ebelin and it looked amazing. Since I have already tried some products from the brand and liked them, I decided to get it and try it out.


It is a really dense brush with silicone bristles.  I was sure it would be really soft, but is actually not and it feels quite painful on the face.
I've tried it with a few foundations and concealers but no matter what I do, it leaves my face looking streaky and blotchy. It consumes a lot of product while practically none of it gets applied to the face.
I had high hopes for his brush and was utterly disappointed after trying it out for a few times.

Have you tried this? What other brushes like this one do you recommend?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur
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  1. Zadnjič sem ga skoraj kupila, pa sem si na blagajni premislila. I guess I dodged that bullet :)

    1. Še sreča, definitivno ni vreden denarja :)

  2. Men se glede na ceno in dejstvo, da je 100% sintetičen (kar pomeni, da bos porabil vec produkta ) in ne mores pričakovat res profesionalnega čopiča, ne zdi slab :)

    1. ¸No, super da je tebi všeč :) jaz svojega nikakor ne morem vzljubit :)


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