Wednesday 11 June 2014

E.l.f. Brow Kit Review

 I wasn't always that into my brows. Just recently I've started paying attention to them and taking care that they look groomed before I leave the house. Let's just say it made a huge change in my life and I am never going back to not-caring about them.

However, few months back, I got this eyebrow kit from E.l.f. (in Medium) that completely transformed the look of my brows and became a permanent inhabitant of my makeup bag.

-great color match
-very long lasting
-cream & powder (together they look very natural and have amazing lasting power)
-mini brush that is quite usable

-not available in Slovenia
-takes a bit more time than brow pencil

How my brows look when using this kit :)
As you can see, there are practically no cons, it is a great product and I am so thrilled that I have it in my makeup collection. I highly recommend it!

*Tip: The powder part of the kit looks amazing as a crease color or on the eyelids! (Therefore the product would be perfect for travelling –brow kit and eye shadow all in one pack!)

What are your favorite brow products?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

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  1. ful lep in priročen set za obrvi! :) res škoda, da se ne dobi v Slo (tako kot večina dobre kozmetike). :/ Kje pa si ga ti kupila oz. kje ga imajo?

    1. Meni ga je en kolega prinesu iz Amerike, ampak mislim da se ga da naročit z E.l.f. strani, pa kar pogosto imajo akcije za free shipping, tako da mogoče ti ga pa rata dobit :)

  2. Tole je res posrečen izdelek, sploh za tako nizko ceno. Ga imam tudi sama, sicer v odtenku Ash in ga kombiniram s svinčnikom od Artdeco :)

  3. Artdeco 3 svincnik se mi zdi ful posrecen za vse rjavolaske, je res taka hladna barva, kot more bit za obrvi :)

    1. Mogoče bom pa mogla kej tazga sprobat, od ArtDeco mam liquid eyeliner ki je res res res amazing! :)


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