Sunday 21 June 2015

Essence Arriba! LE nail polish in 02 macarena mint

 A few days ago I bought some pieces form Essence's Arriba! LE, and this polish was among them.
I really didn't need another polish, but the color and the promise of a chalky matt finish was enough for me to give in and buy it.
After trying it I am extremely glad I got it. Though I like a really glossy finish on my nail polish, I will always go back to matt finish at the end. 

Even though I was a bit disappointed with the matt finish polishes from the previous Essence LE collection, this one has amazing formula.

It applies evenly and in very thin layers. Because it is a matte formula, the coats dry extremely quickly, in a matter of seconds. Two coats were enough for a full opacity, and the nails were painted and dry in about two minutes.

The finish is, as promised, matt and almost chalky looking. I'm not sure why they named it 02 macarena mint, because the color is definitely more of a turquoise, but is nonetheless extremely gorgeous.

It might just be my taste, but I think it looks absolutely amazing with a tan and metallic tattoos I have on at the moment. I just can't wait to get a bit more tanned and combine the polish with a hair chalk from another collection!

If you were contemplating about getting this polish, don't hesitate because it is absolutely amazing!

Did you get anything from the Arriba! collection?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!


your Beautysaur


  1. Izgleda čudovito :)

  2. izgleda čudovito. Ja sem si pa raje druga dva laka kupla... red corazon pala vida loca pa tisto kredo za lase pa rdeč glos. Ta kreda mi je ful všeč. :)

  3. Ta barva je res čudovita in spominja me na morje. Všeč mi je da se posuši zelo hitro. Super objava.


  4. To pa je res ena A, lak. Všeč mi je ker je mat, pa še barva je res kontrastna. + čudovite fotke (:


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