Monday 23 November 2015

HM Beauty Range -Haul and Thoughts-

When H&M released their new enormous beauty range, I was beyond excited. For years I've loved bits and pieces of cosmetic products I bought in H&Ms and the prospect of a full beauty range was absolutely thrilling

Contrary to my usual preferences, the part that spiked my interests the most was the hair care range, which looks really gorgeous and could easily be mistaken for a high-end brand packaging.

The range really covers everything from skincare to makeup, including men’s section and a travel-friendly line. In the beauty range I fell in love with the packaging of their face powders, especially the blushes, which look incredible in their honeycomb inspired packaging.

Based on a few swatches I wasn't to impresses with the eyeshadow palettes, the color range looks gorgeous, but the quality felt slightly off. Single eyeshadows are another story, and there were quite a few that I wanted to take home with me. 

Next time I might take a closer look at the nail polish and blush range, but for today, let's venture into a haul part of this post:

Dragon Fruit Face Mask 2, 99 €

Currently, I’m all about face masks and I really can’t get over them. These immediately caught my eyes, there are many different color available, and so many different effects and benefits to choose from. Based on my experience, there is way too much product for one person in the pot, and no way of storing it, leaving you either with a lot of products that you basically can’t use up, or having you wait for someone to share the mask with.
It was pleasant to use, but I wasn’t exceptionally impressed with it. The price tag and a user un-friendly packaging are very off-putting to me. It might be a great thing to buy for a girly sleepover, to be used by more people, but on my own, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more.

High Time Root Lift Mousse (Lasting Volume, Maximum Support) 7, 99 €

Volume is something that I sometimes miss in my hairstyles, but can hardly be bothered to put extra work into creating a hairstyle. Intrigued by the colorful packaging and the promise of lasting volume I decided to give this a go. A very thick mousse is really easy to dispense and a little squeeze per use is usually enough. It gives my roots a visible lift and creates a voluminous healthy look. While I'm not completely sure about the scent of the product, I'm willing to overlook it, because I'm really in love with the effect the product gives me.

Make Waves Curl Cream (Anti-Frizz, Structure + Shine) 7, 99 €

The other product from the hair range was already mentioned in my October Favorites (click to check it out). As I mentioned there, this is the ultimate product for a lazy girl who likes to wear her hair curly. A light textured cream is easy to apply over the ends of wet hair, and after the hair dries I am left with beautiful natural looking waves. My hair is naturally prone to curling, but with the help of this product, the waves actually look good and healthy.  The product does actually help with taming the frizz as well, which makes the waves looks way sleeker and sophisticated.

Colour Essence Eye Pencil in Copper Bullion 4, 99 €

The last product I got from the H&M beauty range was the eye pencil, mainly because I am currently (slightly) obsessed with copper. Luckily, this turned out to be a great product. The texture of the pencil is a smooth gel like formula and is very pigmented with quite a lot of tiny glitter. It looks amazing on the eyes and stays put for the whole day (except for an occasional runaway glitter that may end up on your cheeks at the end of the day). I absolutely love using it under my lower lash line and it gives an eye look that little bit extra something. It will be absolutely great for creating festive makeup looks!

So far, I am quite impressed with the new H&M beauty range, however, I think it could be a bit more reasonably priced. It's nice to see something »fresh« on Slovenian markets and I think there might be a few more bits that will find their way into my shopping basket…

Have you tried anything from their new beauty range? What would you like to try the most?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!


your Beautysaur


  1. I desperately want to try the curl cream after hearing you talk about it! Their packaging is absolutely beautiful, everything looks wonderful! xxxxx

    1. You really should, it's wonderful <3
      And yes, I agree, the whole line looks absolutely gorgeous! :)

  2. Zgleda zanimivo in super fotke, kot vedno! :)

  3. Priporočam, meni sta zelo všeč :)


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