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2016 |Skin care - Body care - Hair care| Favourites

After telling you all about my makeup favourites from the past year (in case you missed the post, click here) it is time to take a look at skin care, hair care and body care products that impressed me the most.



Garnier Micellar Waters

(Normal and Sensitive skin, Biphase Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil, Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water)

After trying many different micellar waters, I have decided that Garnier ones are the ones that work the best for me.

 There are many versions now, and although the original one does it job perfectly, the bi-phase one with oil works wonders with waterproof makeup, while the pure active one helps to keep any imperfections at bay in is wonderful for more problematic skin types.

With a budget friendly price tag and a great performance, this is an absolute winner in my opinion, even when comparing to high-end brands.

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Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

There is something about the Balance Me brand that just works for my skin. After loving their cleanser, I got to try the radiance face mask and absolutely loved it. Kaolin clay to get rid of any impurities, and a combination of (tiny) walnut shell pieces and fruit acids gives my skin a glowing, healthy look and makes it feel incredibly soft.

I like the fact that it is 98% natural and the fact that it does not sting when applied on the skin. When I get the chance, I will definitely try some more products from the brand.

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For a quick pick-me-up when my skin is acting out, I've been reaching for this budget friendly sheet mask. It feels nice and cooling on the skin (great for occasions when your face feels a bit puffy) while tea tree oil and mint do a bit of cleansing.

I always have a few of these in my stash and especially enjoy them while traveling.

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Lush Grease Lightning anti-acne gel

I was hoping that as I get older, my acne would go away, but there is always at least one that comes to ruin a (finally) clear looking skin. 

To stop it from developing, dry it up or make it disappear I use Grease Lightning gel whenever needed. It's been my loyal companion since primary school, and though it doesn't get as much use now that I am in my twenties, I still like to keep it on hand.

With a lovely mix of tea tree oil and other herbs it helps to stop acne from forming, while the aloe-vera base makes sure that the area doesn't get to dry. A little goes a long way and I often find that when I apply it in the night, the problem has disappeared by the morning.


Lush Tea Tree Water face toner

With ingredients similar to Grease Lightning, this toner is amazing from preventing any acne to appear. The tea tree oil works it magic when it comes to preventing acne forming on my skin and I like to use it any time of day to freshen and clean the face a bit.              


Melvita Nectar de Roses Infusion daily moisturizer

This year I've noticed that my skin is beginning to change. Although there is still an abundance of oils on the surface, it getting a bit thirstier and it was time to incorporate more hydrating products into my routine.

The Nectar de roses hydrating day cream from Melvita works amazing with my skin. Enriched with rose water and rose infusion it is wonderful for moisturizing and calming my skin, I love how it feels on my skin and makes it feel really healthy and soft.

It is still quite moisturizing and that is why I tend to use it in the colder months and then change it up to something extremely light in the summer.



Lush Rehab shampoo

If I imagined a shampoo that would be perfect for my hair, I would probably describe this one. A wonderful combination of fruit enzymes to clean the hair and olive oily that ensure my hair still feels soft and shines, this shampoo takes care of my oily roots while still paying attention to my dries up ends.

While using this, my hair started changing the routine. I could get away with a few extra days between washes, I did not need to use as much dry shampoo and I found that I used much less product when washing my hair.


Pantene Pro-V Intensive Repair mask

When it comes to hair care I tend to be quite lazy and not bother much with any extra hair masks or treatments, but there was something about this one that made me give it a go.

It feels like any other mask when applied to the hair, and I loved the fact that I only had to leave it on for a few minutes. There was not much difference when washing it out, except for a bit more softer feel to the hair.

The main effect were visible after drying the hair. It looked (and felt) hydrated silky smooth and had an amazing healthy shine to it. I loved the fact that it did not make my hair feel greasy and I didn't have to wash my hair more often because of it. Whenever I used it I was complimented on my hair, proving that the difference was visible to the others as well.

I'll do my best to get my hands on it again, as it was one of the best hair product I've ever used.  

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Moroccan Oil Treatement

We've probably all heard praises about moroccan oil and its magic abilities to transform any hair. I was quite sceptical when it came to all the claims, but was still quite happy to try this one.

I was amazed by how soft and healthy this made my hair feel. Although it doesn't do miracles, this is the best thing I've tried when it comes to really moisturizing dry and damaged hair ends.

It smells amazing and you only need a tiniest bit for your hair ends. Still, it is quite strong and I would not use it on the rest of my hair.


Aussie Miracle Hairspray Shine+Hold

The only time I use hair spray is right after I curl my hair, before I comb it out to get my usual wavy look, I give them a good spray-over with the hair spray, to make sure they cool down and set in place, which ensures that the curls will last for a few days.

I didn't experiment much with hair sprays before (usually I'd just »borrow« some of my mum's) and this one opened my eyes completely. Once applied, you cannot feel it in the hair, there is no stickiness, no hard bits, no funny scent and still, the hair holds up just like I want it to.

It doesn't seem to build up in the hair as much and overall just feels like a magical invisible power that helps to make sure your hair look on-point.


Batiste Dry Shampoo

Forget diamonds, a dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend. Not only for days when you need a bit of help with oiliness, but also when I want a bit more volume and body to my hair, a dry shampoo is always the answer.

Still, it is a challenge to find one that won't leave white residue in my hair or make me look like I have extreme dandruff problems. The only one I can trust to do everything I want is Batiste dry shampoo.

There is a vast variety of options when it comes to scent –I don't really have a preference and like to change them up so I don't get bored. I usually spray a tiny bit into my roots at night and wake up with fresh and clean looking hair in the morning. After a wash, I spray some into the roots to get a bit more volume and it works great.

It washes out easily and doesn't feel funny in my hair –I just love it and need one on hand at all times.



ArtDeco Senses Asian Spa Foaming Shower Gel YlangYlang & Patchouli

Who would have thought a body wash would be so good I wanted to include it in my yearly favourites, but this one completely stole my heart. Wonderful combination of ylang-ylang and patchouli makes showering almost an aroma therapeutic experience, but my favourite thing about this body wash is the texture. It changes from a gel-like cream to a luxurious mousse texture that feels gorgeous on the skin.

I made my whole family try it out and they all loved it, now I'm saving it only for special occasions as I want the bit I have left to last for as long as possible.


Balea Shaving Cream in Coconut Kiss

Again, a shaving cream is not something I'd imagine talking about in my yearly favourites, but for someone who used to just use an oily based shower gel or similar things for shaving, this was an amazing discovery.

I love the tropical scent, a lovely mousse-like texture and the fact that it feels very gentle and calming on the skin. I re-purchased it quite a few times and even got back ups, and I thought it deserved a spot in this post.

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Garnier Neo Intensive Antiperspirant

I've talked so much about this deodorant already I'll keep this short and simple. It's amazing, it last through the whole day and keeps any unwanted BO at bay, it actually does even better and keeps smelling really nice throughout the whole day.

I often had trust issues with deodorants that stopped working right when I needed them the most, but I know I can always rely on this one, and I adore the way this particular scent smells.

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Lush Sleepy body lotion (LE)

 This one was a story of a love at the first sniff. A gorgeous combination of lavender and sweet tonka makes this a magical, captivating scent that lingers on the body. The texture is amazing, sinks into the skin fast but leaves it feeling wonderfully moisturized. 

In addition, it is pastel purple, which makes it more or less perfect. (Since this was Christmas LE, you can find the same scent in Twilight bath bomb and shower gel)

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In 2016 I was introduced to the world of pillow mists. Using them makes me feel grown-up and sophisticated and they make every bedtime a wonderful, relaxing occasion. Great for those who love the feeling of fresh sheets or find it hard to relax and fall asleep.

My favorite one is the Eau Sereine from Le Couvent des Minimes that smells like a wonderful combination of mandarines and lavender. It's always residing near my bed and helps me to wind down at the end of the day.

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Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle butter

This is an old cult favourite and an incredible saviour for all of us who suffer from dry cuticles. A little bit of this lovely mixture of shea butter and lemon every night helped me to save my always dry cuticles. Great for any dry area of the body, this is a must have in my collection.


That is it for my favourites of 2016. There have been quite a lot of them and I hope you enjoyed the posts. In case you missed the first part, which was all about makeup, you can click here, or if you are a bit nosey and are interested in the items, I loved in the year 2015, click here to check a post about them.

Stay tuned for my next post, which will be all about the products that disappointed me or did not work out for me in the past year.


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  1. Balance Me Radiance Face Mask mi je takoj padla v oči, ker mi je že Balm tako všeč :) Pa Aussie lak za lase, ker zdaj ni več Lee Stafford pri nas in moram mojega naročat iz Boots, tako da tale bi bil lahko potencialna zamenjava. Lush Lemony Flutter pa si nameravam enkrat kupit, ker slišim toliko pohval, ampak se mi ne da v center Ljubljane hodit. Lahko bi že enkrat odprli trgovino v enem izmed trgovskih središč.

  2. Sem se spomnila nate ko sem pisala o Balance Me, ker vem da si bila tudi ti navdušena nad njihovimi stvarmi :) Jaz imam srečo da v Angliji vedno naletim na revije ki imajo njihove freebije noter :D

    Lemony Flutter se pa res splača, vsaj meni res naredi opazno razliko :)

  3. Great Review. I came across this product at a chemist store, best sulfate free shampoo I tried it and its really good.


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