Wednesday 25 January 2017

Disappointing Products of Year 2016

For me it's always been hard to criticize different products I try. When I find products that don't work for me, I usually put them aside and never talk about them rather than saying something bad about them. But, it is time I started talking about the items that I don't like as well. I was inspired by Mateja's post about the products that didn't work out for her, so I went through my stash and picked out everything that did not impress me.

A disclaimer like this is probably not necessary, but by saying that I don't like the product, I'm not saying that it won't perform well for someone else and I am especially not saying that the brand overall is bad. It's just that the product did not perform like I wanted it to or didn't work well for my type of skin or hair.


Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water

When I first received this, I was incredibly excited to try it. Given everything, I've heard about the brand, I was expecting amazing performance, but the product left me unimpressed.

 It's not that it was completely rubbish, but it didn't remove all of my waterproof makeup, and I much prefer how my Garnier micellar water works.


MaxFactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush

First of all, I'm not really keen on creamy blushes, as I never know how to apply and blend them well. But, this blush was impossible to work with. It looked sheer and patchy and no matter how I tried to blend it, it started to disappear or look uneven.

I've heard so many people rave about this and expected so much more, but it might just be that cream blushes are really not my thing.


Inell Eau Micellaire

This was, the worst micellar water I ever tried. A low price tag made me get it and I tried so hard to love it, but it just didn't do anything. It failed to remove any makeup completely and I couldn't even bring myself to use it up.


Garnier Ultra Doux Vitality Shampoo

After my Lush Rehab shampoo ran out, I went on a mission to find a great budget dupe and grabbed this one in hopes it might do well. Sadly, this completely failed to impress me. 

It does make my hair feel clean for the first day after washing it, but my hair looks greasy and rubbish the next day. I'll use it up, but then I'm back on a mission to find a great shampoo.


GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment

With all the hype surrounding this brand and their face masks, I was beyond excited to try this out. True, I expected miracles, but with all the promises about the effects of this mask, I was completely let down. 

It didn't do anything more than any other clay or charcoal based mask would do, in fact, the Avon's Black Mineral Mask leaves my skin feeling and looking much cleaner than the GlamGlow one ever did.


Trend It Up Ultra Matte Lip Cream in 080

I was so sad that this one didn't work out for me. Hearing so many good things about these lip creams, I was really looking forward to using it. But, this simply does not dry to a matte finish. 

It remains wet and slippery on the lips, making it impossible to normally continue with my day as I can almost feel the product sliding around, gathering in the corners of my mouth and my chin.

After a few tries to make it work, I gave up. When the packaging claims »ultra matte«, I expect it to be true; and this just didn't live up to the promise.


Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream in 1041 Vino Tinto

At first, I was obsessed with these products. I generally adore the Sleek Matte Me formula and was excited to add this gorgeous shade to my collection. Soon after the initial excitement calmed down, I started noticing I never reach for these products.

The reason was that it is incredibly difficult to work with. You have to insure that the application is perfect on the first try; otherwise, you have to deal with patchiness, build up and smearing. To have it dry to a matte finish evenly, 

I had to sit there with my mouth slightly open for a while. If you move your lips too quickly, the sticky formula ruins the whole application.

If you manage to apply it evenly, the lipstick looks divine, but with everything that can go wrong and such a long application process, this is just not worth it.


Rimmel Lasting Finish 25h

Given that I love so many different Rimmel foundations, I wanted to try this one, hoping that it would perform well as the other formulas and offer a great coverage. There is no doubt that the coverage is there, but so are an incredibly dense texture, a cakey finish and an extra feature of exaggerated pores.

I tried just about every way of application and simply can't make it work. While I love the Match Perfection or Wake Me Up foundations from the brand, this one was a complete no-go for me.


Syoss Silicone Free Repair-Care Treatment

I was quickly done with this one as it made the skin on my face, neck and back (basically anywhere that my hair with this product on touched) flare up with a worrying red rash. 

After some time, I gave it another go, hoping that the rash was just a consequence of different factor, but it was the same as the first time, and this one quickly departed to the »bin« bag.


Dvorec Trebnik Energy Tonic Face & Body Mist

My skin is not too sensitive and (thankfully) doesn't react to almost anything I put on. However, I tried this mist a few times, and every time I applied it, my face felt like it was burning and I had to quickly wash it off.

I'm not sure whether it was just mine bottle that has gone bad, but this is not something I would recommend to anyone.


Subrina styling and thermal protection spray

I'm not too good with heat protecting product as I am often too lazy to use any. Nevertheless, I was happy to give this one a go.

 After a few times, I came to a conclusion that it did nothing good to my hair. It made it feel sticky and brittle and left a lot of residue on my styling products.


Freedom ProStudio Strobe Cream

This one was not a necessarily bad product, but really didn't do much for my skin type. Using it all over my face as a brightening primer made my face look oily and weird –probably because my skin gets really oily on its own. I tried using it as a highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones, but felt that it really didn't do much and was more or less unnoticeable.

I think this might work out for people with more dry skin types, but for me it just didn't do anything impressive.


Essence Shape Your Face Contouring Palette

I picked this up when I was going through their new releases last year, and was really intrigued by the budget option of bronzer, blush and highlighting trio in just one palette. It turned out to be very difficult to work with; the texture of products was quite dry and chalky. Either there was not enough or too much pigmentation and they just wouldn't blend evenly.

While this would be manageable with an extra bit of work with every use, I have a lot of similar product that perform better and this just wasn't worth putting in the extra time.


1) Sleek Matte Me, 2) Trend It Up Ultra Matte, 3) MaxFactor blush, 4) Essence palette

Here we are at the end of my disappointing products post. I hope this will be helpful to you. If you are interested in the products that really impressed me, you can click here for my 2016 makeup favorites or here for the 2016 skin care, hair care and body care favorites.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur 


  1. Je malo liberating tako objavo naredit, a ne? :) Za tale MF blush sem slišala pa samo pohvale, me je kar presenetilo ga videt na tem seznamu. Tudi moje začetno navdušenje nad Inell micelarno je splahnelo. Od začetka je bila ok, ampak starejša kot je bila, manj je odstranila. Za Trend it up sem slišala, da niso mat in zato grejo avtomatsko na no buy seznam. Z Rimmel pudri se itak ne razumem, ampak tega se pa že itak izogibam, ker ne maram težkih formulacij.

    Freedom Strobe sem pa oboževala od začetka, res neverjetno lep finiš mi je naredila. Zdaj sem jo pa spet vzela v roke in mi je povzročila svaljkanje pudra :/ Ne vem kaj je bilo to.

    1. Malo pa res :D
      Mene je tudi blush presenetil, ampak tako kot sem napisala, je dobra možnost da samo zato ker ga ne znam uporabljat :D

  2. Še en razlog več zakaj ne rabim Sleek mat šmink :). Sem bila prepričana, da so Glamglow maske precenjene. Konec koncev je glavna sestavina vseh glina, ki je baje itak ena najcenejših sestavin, tako da ne bi nikoli plačala cene 45€ za nekaj kar potem spreme iz obraza. :D No razen, če bi imela res višek haha.
    So mi vedno bolj všeč te objave. Razmišljam, če bi tudi sama naredila kaj podobnega. Čeprav jaz po navadi kar zavržem veliko izdelkov, če mi niso všeč.

    1. Jaz se Sleek šmink spomnim kot ene izmed prvih dobrih mat šmink, ki sem jih zasledila. Ampak sedaj je ponudba tako obsežna da res niso več konkurenčni...
      GlamGlow je brezveze, jaz sem nekaj časa bila čisto obsedena z idejo, da bom to kupila in bo potem moja koža super... Še dobro da nisem in pa da sem dobila ta tester v roke...
      Jaz bi z veseljem prebrala tvojo objavo o takih izdelkih :) -se mi zdi da so včasih še bolj koristne kot pozitivni reviewi :)

  3. Se strinjam za Dvorec Trebnik tonik, tudi meni je bil obupen in je takoj romal v smeti. Ostalih stvari na srečo nisem imela, edino Trend it up mi je zelo všeč, ampak imam drug odtenek :D

    1. Zna bit da je bila res malo mimo formula, jaz jih po tem nikjer nisem več v trgovinah zasledila, mogoče so jih umaknili :)
      Pa se tvoj Trend It Up posuši na čisti matte efekt?


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