Saturday 1 April 2017

·March Favourites· 2017

Spring has arrived and I am ecstatic to be writing this post in the sun, surrounded by pretty blossoms and happy bird chirps. Although I have recently posted my February favourites, I've discovered a few more in March. This month has gone by in a frenzy, a combination of puppy duties and (finally) finishing my Uni tasks, kept me on my feet and I've been trying to sort my life out a bit.

 Due to weather changing and raised stress levels, my skin started acting up again. There were a few more blemishes then usual and some discoloration.


I started using the Balance me Cleanse and Smooth face balm again. After trying a sample last year, I was happy to find it in TK Maxx (this store is amazing for unexpected and cheap beauty finds!).
It promises to be 100% natural and the lovely combo of an oil cleanser and oatmeal powder for gentle exfoliation makes my skin feel completely makeup free, healthy and radiant. Even though it's meant for normal to dry skin I love the effects it has on my skin. I don't use it every single day but usually reach for it in the evenings, when I've been wearing a full face of makeup and want to make sure it all gets washed off. My skin feels happy and plump in the morning and since using this, I've had no more issues with dry patches.


The Effaclar Duo (+) did not impress me immediately. The first time I wore it it made my face burn like hell and my skin was red and irritated for days. I waited a few months before deciding to give it one more go. Since then I've had no such issues with it, I think the first time I must have used something irritating the day before and I've been more careful about it from then on.

However bad our first encounter was, this turned out to be a staple for me. Essentially a tinted moisturizer with extra benefits that help to prevent imperfections and marks, this works lovely for the days when I do not want to fuss with a full face of makeup.

Almost undetectable on the skin it lightly evens out my complexion and at the same time helps to battle imperfections. With a bit of concealer on top it looks nice and fresh but can be worn underneath foundation if you want more coverage.

With continued use, I noticed there were less spots forming on my skin and there was a slight improvement in the discoloration of the skin. It was important to me that it did not dry out my skin and I think I will get a lot of use out of it in the next few months.


For the rest of my makeup I mostly stuck with my usual staples, with the exception of a gorgeous new blush palette. These L’Oréal Infaillible blush paint palettes recently appeared in our drugstores and ever since receiving them in the mail (thank you L’Oréal!) I have been using nothing but these on my cheeks. Surprisingly, I gravitated more towards the Amber one (in the pictures) although the Pinks version is amazing as well.

The palettes offer something for everyone. Mattes, shimmers, strong or light pigmentation in so many different shades. The formula is lovely, easy to blend and –what surprised me the most- extremely long lasting. They are strongly scented but the scent does not linger once the blush is applied to the face.

I've been obsessed with the shade Amber Love (second shade from right to left) which is a gorgeous dusky pink with an almost rose gold sheen to it. It gives the face a fresh and healthy flush, perfect for sunny spring days.


To relax I always like to enjoy a long and warm bubble bath. I discovered this Cien Blood Orange and Camomile herbal bath in Lidl (I found mine in Italy and have not yet discovered them in Slovenian stores). Blood orange is one of my favourite scents and the combination with camomile, makes this such a relaxing fragrance. While nothing special in terms of bubbles or skin care benefits, I've enjoyed it a lot and thought it deserved a mention in my favourites.


Last, but not least is a new scent discovery. Another TK Maxx find (honestly, their beauty section is one of my favourite places to browse through), this The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose eau de toilette smells fresh and floral and works so well with the early spring weather. Although I'm not the biggest fan of traditional rose perfume scents, this smells more like a flower garden mixed with crisp fresh air. I love that is easily fits into my handbag and that it comes as a spray applicator, easy and fuss free to re-apply.

To see what I've been loving in February click here. An honorary mention in this month’s favourites goes to the L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinaty Clay line (click to read the review), which I just reviewed on my blog and therefore did not want to repeat myself in this post.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur 

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  1. Prikimavam tvojemu izboru Balance Me in Ambers paletke :). Ambers Love je čudovit odtenek, ga tudi sama ogromno nosim :). Balance Me tudi že pogrešam v moji rutini, sploh zdaj ko sem porabila Trilogy balm. Edino kar me skrbi je, da je tekstura spet popolnoma drugačna. Do zdaj je bila vsaka tuba drugačna in v zadnji je bil balm že pregost.

    Cien kopel zveni zanimivo. Ponavadi so ravno te cheap variante najboljše za mehurčke, čeprav praviš da ta ni kaj posebna, ampak zanima že zaradi vonja :)


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