Saturday 29 April 2017

mark. by Avon : New brand and product review

A while ago Avon introduced a new line called »mark.«, a new and exclusive makeup line created for makeup lovers who want to make their mark. Bloggers were invited to the launch, where we got to get to know the new line, play with all the new and exciting product and leave with a goodie bag with a few items to try out.

The mark. line covers all areas of makeup products, providing everything from basics to some very bold and colourful fun options for those who dare to stand out. I got to try out a face primer, lip gloss and nail polish and it's safe to say that they made their mark. (Too cheesy? I couldn't resist the pun.)


The primer is very easy to apply in a thin layer. It helps to fill the pores to create a flawless skin effect and instantly mattifies the face. Foundations are easy to apply over the primer, blend well and don't sink into the pores, which helps to create the illusion of smooth skin.

The matte effect is quite strong and I find that I prefer using it with more creamy and dewy foundations and often skip the mattifying powder. It works lovely on oily skin as it helps to keep it matte and prolongs the wear of foundation; however, I would be wary using it on dry skin.

Although quite undetectable in the tube, it develops a gentle almost sunscreen-line scent, that I find surprisingly calming and pleasant. For any of you who don't like scented products, don't worry as it disappears as soon as you apply foundation over the top.


These give me a proper nostalgic feel; it must have been back in primary school that I last used a product like this. It's just as you would probably expect, an old-school sticky, shimmery and shiny lip gloss. It smells sweet like toffee and is really easy to apply. It gives the lips a juicy, shimmery look and works well on it's own or applied over other lipsticks.

The shade is quite flattering as it gives the lips just the right amount of colour and I appreciate that the shimmer is tiny enough to be undetectable as you wear the gloss.

I'm not a particular lip gloss fan, especially due to their usual stickiness, but I find this fun to use every once in a while. It's the ultimate on-the-go product as you can easily throw it in the handbag or a pocket and apply it without a mirror.


The nail polish formula seems very similar / identical to their usual Avon nail polish line. I don't mind that at all as I find the formula quite lovely to work with. It is not as thick as some other nail polishes and is very pigmented, which makes an opaque and even application very easy to achieve.

I enjoy the brush because it's long and thin enough to ensure lots of control and precision. It dries fast and lasts for at least a few days without chipping.

The shade itself is a very pretty off-white that looks very chic and sophisticated on the nails. It would look amazing with the tan and I can see myself wearing it a lot in the summer.

Overall, my first experience with the mark. brand was very positive. The products are affordable, offer a lot of options when it comes to different colours and perform well.

While testing the product mentioned in this post I received a few more items from the mark. line and you can expect another review as soon as I properly test them out.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Zelo zelo mi je všeč ta design in celoten izgled. Waw! Primer od Avona sem že uporabljala in mi je bil super, kakor tudi tile lakci. So mi všeč, me pa vseeno malce odvrne to, da znamka ni cruelty free.


    1. Luštno, malo bolj moderno pakiranje so naredili ja :D

  2. V bistvu je večina izdelkov enaka kot prej, samo združeni so pod to znamko Mark. Meni so laki všeč, ker so to prejšnja gel shine verzija. Pa tudi šminke so Avonov hit. Moja najljubša formula. Lip gloss pa je bil tudi meni preveč old school :D. Primer je dober za poletje, ko imam bolj mastno kožo. :)

    1. Lakci so super ja :)
      Šminke še nisem nosila, ampak je že po swatchih navdušila :D


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