Sunday 7 May 2017

Review and Swatches: MakeUp Factory Gloss Expansion

Today I'm sharing with you the whole line of lip glosses that were added to Makeup Factory stands last summer. Continue reading to see all the swatches and read about my opinions.

It was almost a year ago when these lip products were added to the MakeUp Factory makeup line. I was lucky enough to receive the whole collection to test out. At the time I spent ages taking pictures of the product and swatching them, and then lost all the files while moving from one computer to another. It was only recently that I found all the pictures hidden in a file on my portable hard disc and decided that even though the products have been out for a long time, they still deserve a blog post.

The gloss expansion included five new shades of their mat lip fluid formula, four shades of the high shine lip-gloss and two shades of the hydro lip smoothie. With three different finishes and so many different shades and colours, the new expansion covers almost every need.

(immediately after application)

(a few minutes after application)


My favourites from the bunch were without a doubt the new mat lip fluids. Hearing so much about their famous Velvet Rosewood (read all about it on Mateja's Beauty Blog) I was beyond excited to try the formula and test out the new shades.

The formula is creamy, but very easy to work with. It provides full opacity at first application and dries to a completely matte finish relatively fast. Although not uncomfortable to wear, I can feel it on the lips throughout the day. The unusual melon scent is something I could easily live without, but it fades quickly and isn't a big issue while wearing the product.

Staying power is great, I find them to perform better that Sleek's Matte Me formula, as they last a bit longer and fade evenly, provided you don't eat or drink while wearing it. They can be touched up without clumping together, but the darker shades require a bit more attention and precision.

Soft Raspberry was the lightest matte shade in the expansion. It's a light muted coral that still looks vibrant and lively on the lips.

Coral Rose on the other hand is a vibrant, almost fluorescent rosy-coral shade. I find it beyond gorgeous in the tube, but find it incredibly hard to wear. I can imagine it would be amazing summer shade for someone with a lighter skin tone.

Ultra Pink is a bright and fun fuchsia shade that I wish I were brave enough to wear. It's a beautiful statement shade that would look great as a focal point of a makeup look.

Classic Red is, true to it's name, a glorious sexy red. Combined with a matte finish this reminds me of the old Hollywood glam and it would be a staple in any makeup collection. I got so much wear out of it at Christmas, but I'll surely use it a lot during summer as well.

Although Wild Berry looks a bit brown in the tube, it turns out to be a gorgeous deep berry shade. For such a dark shade, it is evenly pigmented and surprisingly easy to apply. This was my go-to in the autumn and I can't wait to wear it again at the end of the year.

If I had to choose one shade, I'd go for the Classic Red. The formula, colour and finish are simply beautiful and would look great on anyone.


While the mattes have a doe foot applicator, these glosses come with a tiny brush. I'm not the biggest fan of the applicator and would prefer a doe foot one, but the formula is surprisingly lovely.
Created to provide you with a wet look finish, the finish of this glosses is really shiny and packed with loads of tiny glitter. It is slightly sticky, which makes it last longer on the lips, but not at all unbearable.

All four shades are lovely on their own or layered over other lip products. I find myself reaching for them on days when I have no time to do my makeup. I apply a bit of mascara and a bit of a shiny gloss and feel ready to start my day.

Apricot Shine is a light peachy shade, packed with tiny golden glitter.

The Iridescent Apricot is similar in shade, but less pigmented and has loads of pink glitter.

Iridescent Rose is a sheer milky-pink shade with pink glitter.

Brown Rose is a brown with a tiny bit of a rose undertone. It looks quite dark in the tube but applies quite sheer, which makes it a wearable everyday shade. It does not contain any glitter, but still gives the lips a lot of shine.


Even though they did not seem to exciting at first, I ended up wearing this formula the most. Slightly nourishing and easy to wear, they give the lips a healthy shine and provide them with SPF 10.

Fresh Rose is a sheer baby pink shade with tiny silver glitter. It is almost invisible on the lips, but gives them a lovely shine. It works well over other lipsticks or on it's own, almost like a lip balm substitute for days when your lips do not need that much attention. A grapefruit scent is an unexpected but pleasant addition, making this lip-gloss feel fresh and uplifting.

Intense Blackberry makes your lips look like you have just eaten a bunch of dark berries (but in a good way). A sheer berry wash of colour is a lovely way to infuse a bit of colour to your look, without committing to an opaque or even matte finish. It smells like a fresh berry and makes a great handbag product, that is easy to apply and always comfortable to wear.


Next time you walk by a Makeup Factory stand I strongly suggest you check out their lip product selection. My favourite finish are the mat lip fluids and I have to consciously restrain myself from obsessively purchasing all the other shades (however, the Velvet Rosewood might join my collection in the near future).

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Classic Red je čudovit :) Moj Rosewood bolj počiva zadnje čase, ker imam toliko podobnih odtenkov, ampak je bil vreden nakupa.

    In res super, da si spet našla slike. Tole maratonsko swatchanje bi bilo pa res škoda, da bi šlo v nič. Sama imam drugače navado, da grejo slike takoj na dodatni USB in telefon. Za vsak slučaj, če se kaj naredi :)

  2. Oh ta Rosewood. Pri meni bo še nekaj časa počakal (glede na količino ColourPop naročil) ampak nekoč bo moj :D <3

    Res sem bila vesela ko sem jih našla. Običajno imam tudi jaz vsaj dve kopiji, ampak tokrat ne vem kaj se je zgodilo... :/

  3. Čudovit izbor odtenkov. Se je po končanem branju te objave mat različica znašla na mojem wl.


  4. O super objava, hvala za swatche! :) Izgledajo res luštni!

  5. Pohvale za vse te swatche in objavo :) Zame tukaj ni noben odtenek, ki bi me očaral. Preveč roza.

    1. Hvala :D
      Mogoče bi ti bil brown rose všeč kot rjav gloss, vsekakor imajo pa še veliko drugih odtenkov na izbiro :)

  6. Omg, kok zakon fokte! Wild Berry mi je najbolj všeč! <3

    1. Hvala :*
      Wild Berry je amazing za jesen in zimo <3


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