Saturday 27 May 2017

Too Faced · Sweet Peach Palette· Review and Swatches

The Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette by Too Faced had conquered the world. First available only as a fun limited edition, it quickly got so popular, that Too Faced decided not only to make it permanent, but to heavily focus on expanding the Peach line.

I don't know whether it is the sweet peach scent, amazing quality or cute packaging that makes people go crazy for it, but I fell in love with it and want to share my review with you.

The palette comes in the cutest and sturdy peach packaging. It includes 18 different shades, 6 mattes and 12 shimmery ones and a mirror big enough to use when on-the-go.

Until this one, I've never tried any Too Faced products before and I was pleasantly surprised. The mattes as well as shimmers are (mostly) wonderfully pigmented, feel super buttery and are a dream to blend. 

The staying power is quite impressive even without a primer, however certain factors (like heat or humidity) will affect their longevity. I also found that the mattes tend to stay on my lids for longer. They do not crease on me, I do not have any problem with fallout and the shimmery particles manage to stay on the lid and don't scatter all over my cheeks.

 Following are the swatches of the horizontal rows, from left to right:

At the first glance, the palette might look very colourful, but at the closer inspection, it is a lovely selection of nudes with an occasional bright shadow.

The shades I tend to reach for the most are Nectar, Luscious, Caramelized and Peaches'n Cream.

The special, otherwise hard to find shades, that make this palette worth it for me are the Candied Peach, Puree and Summer Yum.

Sadly, the shades Tempting, Delectable and Talk Derby to me don't perform as well as I would like them to. I find them hard to blend and a bit dry which is a shame, as they are the only dark shades in the palette.

In case you are only interested in the nude shadows, this palette might not be worth it. Without the peachy shades I find the shade range similar to the Wet'n'Wild Comfort Zonepalette or the Cargo Vintage Escape palette. If you already own a lot of nude eyeshadow palettes it might be worth considering only looking for a few single coral/peach shades that could offer you the same effect as the Sweet peach palette.

For me, this has quickly become the only eyeshadow palette I reach for. It currently reigns over my other eyeshadows, even the UD Naked ones. The shade range, quality and staying power give me all that I need and (I must admit) that the peach scent does add something a bit extra that makes me smile any time I use it.

If you are interested in the shade comparison, swatches and my dupe suggestions stay tuned, as I am preparing an in-depth comparison of all the shades and the potential dupes in my collection. The post should be up soon, so keep your eye peeled.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Spodnja vrsta - yes please. :D Imaš prav, je kar veliko neutral odtenkov. Zdaj sem si kupila posamezna peach senčila od Colourpop and I'm good to go. Čeprav sem pa to paleto iskala v Sephorah, ko sem bila v Franciji, pa je bila vsepovsod razprodana. Na koncu sem se odločila za Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar.

    Odlični swatchi :) <3

    1. Spodnja vrsta je prav "dream matte row" :)
      Zame je bila pa Peach prva, ki me je res zamikala, nikakor ne morem čez čokoladno pakiranje, nekaj na njemu mi ni všeč :)
      Hvala :*

  2. Evo pri tebi šele sem si jo resno pogledala, ker imaš perfektne swatche in mislim, da zame tukaj ni dovolj odtenkov, za katere vem, da bi jih nosila. Pri originalni uporabljam skoraj vse. Je pa kvaliteta Too Faced senčil izjemna, bi imela vse paletke že zaradi tega :)

    1. Sem skoraj pričakovala, da jo boš ti imela še prej kot jaz, glede na to da se mi zdiš res navdušena nad peach vonji :D
      Je nekaj odtenkov zaradi katerih je meni vredna nakupa, definitivno pa ni must-have, sploh če že imaš veliko nude senčil :)

  3. Joooooj, ta paletka je pa res prečudovita! Všeč so mi prav vsi odtenki in pohvala za tako lepe swatche. Love it!


  4. Ohh, krasna paletka!! Samo ne vem če bom sploh kdaj kaj kupila od too faced.. (primer sem imela). Drama, drama alert.


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