Wednesday 11 February 2015

On My Wishlist #3 - Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 Palette

I don't usually do posts like this, but these palettes had me dreaming about them for a whole week, and I have to share my obsession with you.

Ever since I spotted these palettes on the Makeup Revolution Facebook, I've been strangely obsessed with them. I check out every post review, picture, and comparison of them that I can find. I'm not sure why, but they look so intriguing and so unbelievably beautiful.

Do they remind you of something? They look practically the same as the ever-so-praised Lorac Pro 1 & 2 palettes. Everyone and their mother talks about them all the time, and even though I am aware my wallet wouldn't survive a splurge on a real one, I'm really tempted to give one of the Iconic Pro palettes ago.

Each palette includes 16 matte and shimmery shades whit and improved formula (really excited about that!) and a brush that actually looks like it might be useful.

Iconic Pro

 Iconic Pro 2

Both of the palettes look gorgeous but I think I might prefer the Iconic Pro 2 a bit more. I got a bit tired of all the possible brownish shades and would love to have some pops of colors; especially the blue in this palette looks incredible.

I haven't been this intrigued by a Makeup Revolution release for the longest time, but the Iconic Pro 2is definitely going on my wish list!

The palettes are available on the Makeup Revolution store for international readers:
Iconic Pro: here
Iconic Pro 2: here

For Slovenian readers, you can find them on lič
Iconic Pro: here
Iconic Pro 2: here

What about you, are you considering getting one of these palettes for yourself?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!
your Beautysaur

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