Thursday 6 October 2016

Update your routine for FALL

Autumn is officially here. It's getting colder, the leaves are changing and all this is calling for a bit of a change in my everyday routine. I'm whipping up the dark lipsticks, rusty colored everything and doing everything I can to feel as cosy and snug as possible.

If you are looking for way to bring some autumnal vibes in to your look, here are some of my tips:

No makeup is complete without a proper base, and in the colder days I start reaching for foundations with higher coverage and longevity. Milani's Conceal+Perfect has been with me since the late summer, and it's been doing wonders for my makeup. For something that covers almost all imperfections and evens my skin tone, this is an extremely lightweight and at the same time very longwearing foundation. Pigmented enough that I don't really need a concealer for everyday use, this is the perfect foundation for those cold autumn mornings when you don't want to get out of you warm bed and end up putting your makeup on in a hurry.

These days I tend to skip on the bronzer and rather use some contouring powder to gently sculpt up the cheeks and add a bit of a very natural toned blush for some colour. The ArtDeco Contouring powder (mine is in the shade 21 dark chocolate) is just the right colour for sculpting the face and blends perfectly.

 Somewhere between a blush and a bronzer, the Matte Mania Blush from Misslyn's Beauty in Boots collection is ideal for adding some natural colour to the cheeks.

When it comes to eye makeup in the autumn, I start obsessing over the rusty orange-red shades that complete the look perfectly. If you already have a set of base eyeshadow that you like to use often, try finding a single eyeshadow or a mini palette of autumnal shades, that you can incorporate into your daily routine. The Perfect Match Eyeshadow trio in Gaucho Girl by Misslyn offers the most amazing orange-rust shade, a beautiful yellow-gold and a lovely chocolate brown shade. 

With colder days comes the smoky makeup look and I feel like it's the easiest to achieve that with a good eye pencil. For an affordable option, Essences Easy Glide & Waterproof in 01 blacklove and Longlasting Eye Pencil in 02 Hot Chocolate are my favourite go-to eye pencils. If you are more of a cat-eye liner look, the Sleek Dip-It eyeliner in 262 is longwearing and really easy to work with.

Brows are something I pay more attention to when it gets colder, as I like them to look a bit bolder and bushier. A while ago, I discovered the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist in Dark and it made doing my brows so much easier.

Long and defined lashes are a must for me throughout the year, but the ArtDeco Long Lashes mascara deserves a special autumnal shout out as it works magic on my lashes and looks gorgeous in my stash with it's rose gold packaging. Also, let's not forget a good set of eyelash curlers that make sure your lashes are looking their very best (and fit great into the whole rose-gold theme.)

Red, berry and dark bold lips are the items that take the centre stage in the autumn. For everyday use I still rely on my trusty nude shades, but for special occasions, you can't go wrong with a statement lip. 
Some of my favourites are: Sleek Matte Me in 1041 Vino Tinto with an incredible longwearing formula, Makeup Factory Mat Lip Fluid in 36 Wild Berry in a glorious shade, Catrice Ultimate Stay in 160 Don't Worry Be Berry in a classical lipstick form and lovely smooth formula, and Wet'n'Wild in Ravin Rasin for a fabulous budget option. 

For the nails, I always stick to berry shades or metallics. There are many amazing options at the drugstores, like Essence (52 Amazed by you) and Catrice (38 Vino Tinto, 94 It's A Very Berry Bash) and you can't really go wrong with Essie's Bahama Mama.

Autumn scent can be quite tricky as we are moving from warm sunny days to cold, darker winter months, but this year Avon collaborated with a renowned designer Kenzo Takada, to create Avon Life fragrance. Top notes are citruses, white tea, water lily and red apple; middle notes are violet, peony and Japanese cherry blossom; base notes are iris, patchouli and ambrette. A wonderful harmony of scents creates a sophisticated scent that works great in the crisp autumn air. The bottle design is absolutely gorgeous, and also do not forget to check out the version for men as well as it is absolutely wonderful.

At the end of a long, cold autumn day, there is nothing better than an evening of pampering. To remove even the toughest of matte lipsticks, liners or mascara, Garnier's Biphase Micellar Cleansing Water in oil is a great solution. It gets rid of any makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped. 
A cozy, warm bath is always a highlight of my day and this years Lush Halloween collection smells glorious. One of my favourite scents are Pumpkin and Autumn Leaf bath bombs. 
As a final step at the end of the day is currently my obsession, the Sleepy body lotion by Lush. With notes of lavender and tonka, this light but moisturizing lotions gets me ready for sleep in no time. 

P.S. It's been a long while since I last posted anything. There were a lot of thing going on in my life that I do not wish to get into, but this year hasn't really been the best. Hopefully, I can at least end it on a positive note. However, I am back, excited for fall, excited for tomorrow's 2. beauty bloggers conference in Ljubljana and most of all excited to be blogging again! 

See you in my next post!

your Beautysaur 


  1. Sem že pogrešala tvoje objave. Čudovite fotografije. <3 Jaz tudi obožujem oranžne in predvsem rdeče odtenke za jesen. Drugače pa so meni jesenski odtenki eni najlepših za makeup in za nohte. Avonov parfum je tudi meni presenetljivo všeč. Sem pričakovala, da bo preveč floral za moj okus. :)

  2. O hvala, to je vedno lepo slišat :*
    Jesen je itak fantastičen čas za vse, makeup, obleke, čaje... :D
    Meni je super, nisem pričakovala da mi bo tako všeč in dejansko sem dobila že kar nekaj komplimentov ko sem ga nosila :)


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