Friday 24 January 2014

A new Sephora just around a corner

This post is a little bit different, but I really wanted to share this information with you. We all know that getting our hands on different beauty product can be quite hard in Slovenia. Of course, there are online shops, but I must say I prefer the real deal.
During the holidays my family decided to make a quick trip out of this gloomy and fogy Ljubljana and find somewhere sunny. We took our dog and jumped in the car. After wandering around Kras, walking our doggies and stopping for a degustation of really yummy prosciutto, we decided to jump over the border to Ikea in Gorizia.  

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Some of you might know that they have recently built a new shopping center there and we popped in to check it out. It’s a lovely place to go for a nice day of relaxed shopping.
We wandered around the shops for a bit and just as we decided to end our shopping spree in Ikea, I spotted a familiar sign. Oh yes, you’ve guessed it, it was Sephora! 

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Naturally I went in and sniffed around for a while. I didn’t buy anything because my wallet was empty due to Christmas presents shopping, but for me it was enough to know that Sephora is there.
It’s a small one and might not have the widest offer, but there it is, only a good hour drive from Ljubljana. I’ve decided to post this info on my blog for all you beauty lovers out there.

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  1. Hi, im going to slovenia in a week, do you know less or more where sephora is,? If its an hour away it must be in a different city, please let me know via mail

  2. I was thinking the they have Too Faced in that Sefora near Ljubljana. Thanks


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