Wednesday 29 January 2014

Nail it! #1 (The Valentine project)

Painting my nails is kind of my meditation. It calms me, relaxes me and makes me happy. I like experiment with different designs and colors. Since Valentine’s day is just around the corners, I wanted to write my first nailspiration post and give you some ideas. Let’s jump right into it:

(the post is a part of The Valentine Project by Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.)

This one is the most specifically Valentine-ish, but it is really simple to do and I think that it is really pretty. Paint your nails with the colors you want for your base and let it dry completely (it you don’t let it dry, it will probably end up smudged and ruined). There are different things you can use: tape, stickers, or plasters to make the stencil. Cut out a nail sized piece, fold it in half and cut out a heart (just like we did in primary school to make hearts). Paste the stencil on the nail and paint over with nail polish of choice. Remove the stencil before the polish dries. After your nails are dry, paint over with a top coat, and your nails look love-ly (pun intended!)

Not in the mood for straight on hearty look? Pick up your favorite pink toned polish and paint your nails with it. You will have pretty nails that will go great with the Valentine's day theme, without being as obvious as the first manicure.

This last ideas are for those of you who are looking for a non-pink option, but still want to do something different on your nails:
  • You might like a matte polka-dot look, that is really easy to make. Apply (matte) polish of your choice, and when it dries, add white dots, using a toothpick.
  • Use a rose gold metallic nail polish to make your nails look pretty with just a little bit of edge.
  • If none of the ideas work for you, why not just pick up your favorite nail polish, pain your nails and put on a glittery top coat. 

Hope you find some inspiration for your nails!

Thanks for reading!

your Beautysaur

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