Sunday 11 October 2015

Maybelline The NUDES

I have enough nude palettes to last me through a lifetime, but I can't seem to stop getting more. Another moment of weakness happened when I spotted this gorgeous The Nudes palette by Maybelline.

It came out quite some time ago, but never emerged on Slovenian markets and I was quite happy when I finally spotted it in Austria.
Even though the color selection reminded me strongly of my beloved Naked 2 palette, I still wanted to try it out. First of all, it's a great makeup bag size, amazing for traveling and very hand for on-the-go touch-ups.

There are 12 shades in the palette, a lovely selection of matte, satin and glitter finishes. The quality of them is surprisingly well; I was really impressed with the pigmentation and the staying power. In all honesty, it's not as good as the Naked 2 for example, but with a bit of an eye primer, it should last you through a day without a problem.

Some shades are more pigmented than others, but even the mattes are quite pigmented and easy to work with. What I also like about the palette is that I really do use every single color in there, and they all work very well together.

It spent quite a big portion of the summer in my makeup bag, went with me on a summer holiday and became my go-to choice for quite a while.  

My only complaint is the lousy applicator that I really have no use for, I'd much rather have a nice small mirror somewhere in there, -but I always use my own brushes so this doesn't really seem such a downside to me.

Overall, it's a really good drugstore palette that offers you a great selection of nudes for a fraction of the price (it costs around 10€) you would pay for a high-end palette with similar colors. 

It is a perfect choice for fall with a lovely selection of brown shades, but will get you well through winter and other months as well.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Zveni podobne kvalitete kot Catrice? Lepa kombinacija barv je, bi verjetno vse uporabljala :). Zakaj to ne prodajajo pri nas? Mislijo, da nevtralnih paletk v Sloveniji pa ja nihče ne kupuje ali kaj :D

    1. Catrice sem šele včeraj prvič sprobala eno paletko, ampak mam po prvem vtisu občutek da je ta vseeno malo boljša... 4
      Znamk v Sloveniji res ne razumem, ker ok, razumem da vseh izdelkov pač ne morajo uvest, ker se nebi prodajal, ampak nevtralne paletke pa res vsi kupujejo!!

  2. Tudi meni se zdi, da ima pa res skoraj vsaka ženska, ki se liči, vsaj eno paletko z nude odtenki? :D Tale je ful lepa in prav vsi odtenki so taki zares nosljivi, pa še izbiraš lahko, ali se želiš svetiti ali ne. :)


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