Friday 23 October 2015

Review: Tanya Burr Cosmetics

If you pay even a little attention to beauty community on the internet, you will know about many YouTube beauty stars. One of them is Tanya Burr, who was also one of the first YouTubers to bring out a line of beauty products. 

By now, quite a few YouTubers added their own products to the market, and even Tanya re-vamped, re-launched her original line and added a lot of new products.

These are still from the original line, because I found them on for a really great price. I chose a set of three nail polishes and a lip gloss, more or less just to try them out and see how they perform.

The packaging itself is pretty simple and nothing special (but the new line looks really gorgeous and classy). The set of polishes included two colors (Dark Magic and Mini Marshmallows) and a glitter top coat (Fairy Tale). When I was choosing a lip gloss I wanted something autumnal, so I picked the Enchanted Forest.

Even though I am not the biggest fan of the brushes, the nail polishes have a lovely formula which applies smoothly and has a good staying power. 

The nude one (Mini Marshmallows) is not very pigmented and applies quite sheer, but can be built to full opacity. 

The dark blue one (Dark Magic) is really pigmented, and looks almost black on the nails. They both dry to a glossy finish and last for a good few days.

The top coat has a combination of rose-gold different sized pieces that look amazing applied over both of the polishes. It will be a great way to add something extra to festive manicures in the winter time.

Lip-gloss is a beautiful deep berry shade. It's quite pigmented, considering it's a gloss, but I'm not really the fan of the formula. It's quite thick and sticky, not really comfortable on the lips.

 The scent is really overpowering, sweet and fruity, and it can be quite sickly. The color is gorgeous, but I don't tend to wear it much, because I don't like how it feels.

Considering the quality, I'm not really sure I'd be willing to pay full price for the products, but if you don't mind sticky and strongly scented formula, you might just like them.

Have you tried anything from Tanya Burr cosmetics and what did you think of it?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Thank you so much for the swatches, I've wondered how the colors would look on the nails! The combination of the pink and the glitter top coat is super pretty! I agree, I've tried the lipgloss in the past and it was a bit too heavy and sticky for my liking.. Thank you so much for your honest review! xxxxx

  2. Oh, sicer ne poznam te YT punce ampak sem vidlea slike njene nove kolekcije, ki je res lepa in če se ne motim tudi cenovno ugodna.
    Lakci so pa lepi ;).

    1. Nova kolekcija se mi zdi veliko lepša od te :D


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