Sunday 4 October 2015

Review: Freedom Makeup bits

There is another very affordable brand that arrived on Slovenian markets, and it's the Freedom makeup brand that is (as far as I know) somehow connected to now very well-known Makeup Revolution brand.

A while ago I was sent a few pieces to try out and now I finally came around to writing a review, so here it is:

One of the items I was sent was sent was the Pro Lipstick in 120 True Power. It comes in a black plastic packaging with a clear top that allows you to see the color of the lipstick inside. The shade of the lipstick is a red with slight brown undertone. 

While I really like the shade, I'm not completely sure about the texture; it's very smooth but feels almost liquidy (I realize that is quite a strange way to describe a lipstick) and that makes it quite difficult to achieve an even application.

 At first it starts quite sheer, but can be built up to an almost full opacity –but still looks slightly patchy. Besides that it's nice and feels quite moisturizing on the lips and is a decent bargain lipstick.

Another product I got was the Pro Eye primer. To be honest, I don't really like the packaging, but luckily I really like the product inside. The formula comes out as a very light concealer-like texture and can be easily applied with a doe foot applicator.
It's easy to blend into the skin and after application the product creates a smooth and only slightly sticky surface that helps the eyeshadow to stay better and look more vibrant. Because it has a slight tint, it helps to even out the eyelids and reduce the redness or any discoloration on them. Eyeshadows look brighter and stay much longer on the lids without creasing and I really like it.

The last product I got in the mail was the Mono Eyeshadow Smoulder in 214. At first I thought it was a dark gray shadow, but after swatching it realized that it is actually a really gorgeous deep shimmery green. The texture is very smooth and buttery and is very pigmented. 

It swatches beautifully and creates an almost metallic look on the lids. It blends nicely and stays on the lids for about 5 hours before it starts to fade and crease. If I add the primer that I got as well, the eyeshadow looks amazing throughout the whole day.

While they might not be my absolute favorites, these products (especially the eyeshadow and a primer) are quite good, especially considering the affordable price. They would be great for beginners who are not looking for superb formula, but still want something that works well and looks beautiful on the lids.

If you are interested in the products and would like to try them out, they are available of Lič website.

Have you tried any of the Freedom makeup products? I have my eyes set on their gorgeous blush palettes!

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur

P.S. Thanks to Lič for sending me the product to test out!


  1. Senčka izgleda zelo zanimiva. Se mi zdi da še nikjer nisem takšne zasledila :)

    1. Res je precej nenavadna in unique kar je precej fino :)

    2. Res je precej nenavadna in unique kar je precej fino :)

  2. Joj joj, nisem navdušena nad vsemi temi MR,IHM itd. Čeprav pa sem dobila čokoladno paletko zdaj na BBMU in upam da mi bo vsaj ta všeč. Hočem da mi je všeč! :D

    1. Vem kaj misliš, tudi jst se ne morem popolnoma navdušit nad njimi, je pa res da me kdaj pa kdaj kakšen izdelek preseneti. Sem pa tudi jst dobila čokoladno paleto in upaaam da bo dobra, barve so mi res noro všeč, čeprav nisem fan od čokoladnega pakiranja :)

  3. Tudi jaz sem dobila Pro lipstick vendar v bolj nude odtenku .. ker je nude mi odgovarja vendar če bi dobila bolj temno tako kot ti se mi zdi da bi imela isto mnenje kot ti.. Formula te šminke po moje ni najbolj primerna za temnejše odtenke :) sta mi pa zelo všeč senčka in primer (za razliko do tebe mi je tudi embalaža zelo všeč haha) :D

    1. Morda je res formula šminke res bolj primerna za nežne barve :)

  4. Great colors :)))


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