Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Catrice: Blush Artist Shading Palette 030 Rock'n'Rose

A few days ago, I was writing about the new releases Catrice is bringing out and mentioned that I am excited about the blush palettes. The next day I went to Austria, where the new collection was released already, and managed to get my hands on one of the palettes.

By now, I've had the chance to properly test it out thoroughly, and am now ready to share my thoughts with you. The new collection is coming to Slovenian markets very soon and this might help you make your mind about the palettes.

The palette that was sold in the »preview« collection called It Pieces was the shade 030 Rock'n'Rose. With a combination of coral-y shades and a pink toned highlighter it didn't seem like the best choice for my darker skin tone with yellow/olive undertones, but I was too excited to find it and decided to buy it anyways. After a few tries, I was really happy that I got it, as the shades actually work lovely on my skin tone and are really easy to apply.   

The packaging is pretty simple, a clear plastic with the colours inside clearly visible. There is no mirror, but given that I usually only apply blush in the morning in front of a big mirror, that doesn't really bother me. Blushes are a bit smaller than I am used to, but still big enough for a medium-sized blush brush.

First shade in the palette is a pretty pink-coral with a lot of tiny gold shimmer. When applied, the shimmer somehow transforms to a beautiful golden sheen and gives the cheeks a lovely healthy glow. In terms of pigmentation, this one is the least pigmented in the palette and was a bit tricky to apply before I found the right brush for it.

The middle shade is quite similar to the first one, but slightly more vibant, pink and doesn't contain any shimmer. It creates a nice matte flush of colour on the cheeks. It is better pigmented than the previous one, but still easy to work with and blends beautifully. Using the both blush shades together creates a vibrant touch of colour with a subtle golden sheen.

The last shade in the palette is a slightly pink-toned blush with tiny shimmer. While it looks way to pink for my skin when in the pan, it actually translates into a wonderful sheen on top of the cheeks. It is fairly pigmented and can be used as a very subtle sheen or built up as an intense highlight. Once applied the individual shimmer is not as visible, which gives the look a bit more natural feel. If applied over the middle blush shade, they create a wonderful illuminating blush on the cheeks.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the palette. While the pigmentation is not extreme, the shades look lovely and natural on the face and can be build up to a higher intensity when needed. They last on me for a good few hours, but would have to be re-applied throughout the day if you are out and about 'till evening.

With the affordable price (*ca. 4, 69) and a great selection of shades that work beautifully together, this is definitely something that I suggest you take a look at in the Catrice's new releases.

your Beautysaur


  1. Oooo full dobro :) Mogoče si jih še jaz privoščim ;)

  2. Wow, these colours are gorgeous! And great pigmentation! I love it when a blush has a little shimmer in it!

  3. sama imam ful rada blushe od catrice in jih res dosti uporabljam in bom zagotovo preverila tudi tole paletko, se sliši fino.


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