Monday 11 January 2016

Preview: Essence Valentine -Who Cares? TE + First Impressions

In the season when everybody starts thinking about love and romance, Essence remind us that it's not all about finding true love and that you can have so much fun with your friends as well. Focusing on girl power and friendship, the collection if fun, edgy and trendy, perfect for a young teen.
The collection will be available in February this year. 

 I got the chance to try a few items early, I was sent a smokey eyeshadow stick in 02 L.O.V.E. blah blah blah and the face and body tattoo stamp in 01 sisters before misters with infinity symbol.

The shade of eyeshadow pencil is absolutely gorgeous, a brown-taupe with loads of tiny silver shimmer and has a great creamy and smooth texture. It's the easiest way to do a smoky eye, apply and blend, and you are good to go. The staying power is what impressed me the most, when it sets, it doesn't budge for the whole day.

The tattoo stamp seems like a lovely idea, I don't really think it's that appropriate for a grown person, but think it would be a really fun for a teenager. I remember how me and my friends used to draw »tattoos« on each other and this just makes everything even easier. Just be careful, once it is applied, the stamp seems to last for at least a few days, so beware of where you apply it as you will probably be stuck with it for a while!

Do you have your eyes on anything from the collection?


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  1. Ooo, eyeshadow stick mi je ful všeč! :) Super lep odtenek!

  2. Super je ja! Morem še jaz spisati objavo o teh zadevicah, ki sem jih dobila :D.
    Ampak cela kolekcija mi je ful všeč.


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