Wednesday 6 January 2016

Preview: Graphic Grace by Catrice + First Impressions

Once again, Catrice are releasing a gorgeous, timeless collection. Coming out in February 2016, the Graphic Grace collection is bound to steal your heart. A lovely selection of neutrals, with fun pops of color will brighten up the winter days.

I was lucky enough to get to try a few of the items early. A gorgeous blush and eyeshadow palette both have simple, but practical clear packaging.


Without the pop of fuchsia, the palette might seem like just another neutral palette (not that I have anything against those, it's just that there are already copious amount of them in my collection), but with the addition of a bright color, the palette comes to life in a whole other way.

 All of the shades are beautifully formulated, soft and easily blendable. With minimal fallout and decent staying power, they are a great everyday option. The fuchsia is quite intimidating, but at the same time makes me think about all the different ways that I could incorporate it into the make look. 

POWDER BLUSH C01 Structured Shapes

 A graphic pattern of the blush combines a vivid pair of fuchsia and orange, that might look scary in the pan but transfers to a beautiful healthy flush of color on the cheeks. The texture is soft and buttery and blends seamlessly on the cheeks. I love this type of blushes for the winter time as they give the face that natural look.

Looking at the other pieces, my heart skips a bit at the promise of a matte bright lip, especially with the darkest lipstick in the collection. Also, I find it very exciting that Catrice are expanding their brow products and following the examples of highly praised brand, I would love to give the brow pencil a go.

What about you, got your eyes on any of the pieces?

your Beauytsaur


  1. Such vivid shades and pigmentation wow! xxxxx

    1. It really is amazingly pigmented, really good pigmentation and quality for a LE :)

  2. The blush looks gorgeous! Look at these colours! I wish I could grab some of these, unfortunately we dont have Catrice in Cyprus :(

    1. It is,, isn't it?
      Oh, that's a shame as the brand is generaly really good!


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