Sunday 21 February 2016

Guilt-Free Indulgence with RAWR Chocolate

You might remember a post about my new year's resolutions that I made a while ago (if you haven't read it, you can find it here), and in there, I said that I will set myself a special goal each month. In January, I decided to give up meat, and it made me feel great, so great that in fact I decided to stick to it for at least a while. But, I set a special goal for February and that was to ditch refined sugars as much as possible.

It went ok for the first week, but I started craving sweets and chocolate soon. Trying to stick to my goal, I begun the search for healthier sweat treats. Luckily, I was contacted by the online shop who offered me a chance to try one of their chocolate bars.

It took me quite a while to decide which bar to try, but at the end I decided to go for the chocolate with vanilla and goji berries. As all the bars in the Rawr selection, the chocolate is vegan, dairy, and gluten free and made with organic ingredients. It contains no GMO's and no artificial aromas or colourings. What was also very important for me is that it is sweetened with natural, coconut sugar.
The texture and taste of chocolate is similar to usual dark chocolates. The taste of vanilla compliments the chocolate and the goji berries add a bit of freshness to each bite.

I was interested in multiple opinions, and therefore shared the chocolate with my family. While we all agreed that is tastes nice, some were very impressed and others thought nothing special of it. As for my opinion, I think it is a great, healthier option to enjoy a piece of chocolate without feeling guilty about it.

To check out the res to the Rawr range, visit Moja ńĆokolada online store where I'm sure you can find something to suit your taste 

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*The product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. All the opinions expresses in this post are my own.


  1. Looks great, cool to hear it tastes great too!
    Sugars are not a thing I care about, but I've been super excited about the big increase of various milk-free chocolates in drugstores and supermarkets in Germany (that contain regular sugar that is, but are organic and vegan like this one).
    I've gotten more aware how much our purchase decisions influence the world around us too, so I'm happier to often choose the organic options that are better on our environment as well. Cool to see vegan& organic brands like this expand.. the law of supply and demand in its better days!

    1. With years I find how much more it is important to look at ingredients and not just price, but I'm still happy that there are more and more healthier options available even for lower budgets <3


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