Sunday 14 February 2016

Valentine's Day Pamper with Avon

Before the weekend, I was surprised by a package, sent by the Avon team, especially for Valentine's Day. While I had no special plans for the weekend, I decided that a bit of a pamper was in order.

I immediately draw a bath and put in a bit of the Avon Planet Spa Sweet Sensuality Bath Elixir with Jasmine essential oil. Jasmine being one of my absolute favourite scents, the bath was so enjoyable and relaxing. There is a nice amount of bubbles and the lovely scent of jasmine fills the whole bathroom.

After a lovely bath, I felt the urge to get ready, do my hair and put on my makeup, simply for the sake of it. Given that it was a Valentine's weekend, I used mostly pink toned colours and I loved the romantic and fresh makeup I created. At the end, I used the Avon Colortrend Kiss'n'go lipstick in the shade Amour. It is fair to say that it was quite a love at first sight.

First of all, how cute is the design of this lipstick? A wonderful pink-nude shade is just what I was missing in my collection, the texture is soft and nourishing, and while the formula is not completely opaque, it can be built up to achieve a lovely color on the lips. 

The scent reminds me of the Mac lipsticks, slightly sweet and vanillary. It is not the most long-lasting, but since it is really easy to apply, I don't really mind re-applying it every once in a while.

At first I thought it was closer in shade to my Mac Mehr but then realised that it is way warmer and lighter than any of my other nudes, which is absolutely perfect. It will be a perfect lipstick to wear in the spring and I cannot wait.

Last but not least, there was a cute set of friendship bracelets hiding in the Avon package and I thought it was such a nice idea. I think I'll keep the purple one with the flower and give the other one to my cousin, to share a bit of love with her as well.

Without any special plans for the weekend, we spend the days lounging around, enjoying the walks and cuddle with the dogs and it was glorious! He surprised me with my favourite perfume, as he knew that I was running low on it and I couldn't be happier.

How are you spending your Valentine's Day?

 Hope you had a great day, filled with love from your favorite people in the world!ope

your Beautysaur


  1. Avon šminka je res luškana. Jaz sem jo včeraj imela skoraj že kot labelo, sem jo kar naprej znova nanašala, ker mi je bil všeč občutek na ustnicah :). Ni ravno moj odtenek, precej punčkast, ampak včasih si pa tudi kaj takega zaželim :). Zdja moram pa čim prej sprobat še kopel.

    1. Ane, meni se tudi zdi da je skoraj kot labela :)
      Mene pa konec zime vedno prime da bi nosila kakšne malo svetle, girly odtenke tako da je tale odtenek perfect za to :D


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