Friday 26 February 2016

Review: Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Tripple Rescue

My hair has always been put on the side-track when it comes to using different products, somewhat due to the fact that I focus most of my attention to makeup and skincare and partially due to the fact that it has always been kind of easy to maintain and didn't really require much work.
Lately I realized that I could bring my hair »to the next level« if I actually gave it a little bit more attention and care. I started paying more attention to what I use on my hair and what results it gives me, which means that now I will be able to write about some recommendation from the hair department as well.

Starting at the end of my hair »routine«, which is styling, I would like to share with you my opinion of the Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Tripple Rescue thermal protection spray. Amongst many of other gems, I discovered this in my LookFantastic adventcalendar. Having spent some time without a heat protector (I know, I know, bad Beauytsaur!) I was happy to give this one a go.

With the help of highly praised quinoa, this promises to offer heat protection, give the hair a luminous shine and condition them as well. Even though my hair has not been coloured for over half a year, I have been testing this out for the past month.

A clear liquid is easily dispensed over damp hair with a fine pump and is not in any way noticeable after it is brushed through. I usually gave it a few minutes to start working, before I started working with heat.

Even though I didn't expect it to, it actually appeared to help my hair a lot. Where I am usually left with a slight frizz after using heat on my hair, I noticed my hair looked smoother and polished. Especially when exposed to natural light, the hair had a noticeable shine and a very healthy look to it. For a day or two after use, the hair was easier to work with, easier to brush and softer to the touch.

Sadly, there was only a very small amount of products in my advent calendar and after about 4-5 uses I run out of it. If I had the budget to repurchase it, I would do it in a heartbeat, but for now, I'll have to settle for finding as satisfying alternative at the drugstore. 

What other thermal protection sprays would you reccomend?

your Beautysaur

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