Thursday 5 June 2014

Get INTO your Comfort Zone! (Color Icon Palette Review)

Yay, I’m finally doing a review of this amazing palette from Wet n wild. Since today's post is so picture heavy, let's do the review the short way:


-8 different shades
-amazing colors
-extremely bendable
-practically no fallout
-lovely texture
-amazing staying power
-unlimited look possibilities
-nice mixture of lights and darks
-slim and great for travelling


-cheap packaging
-unusual brush inside
-not available in Slovenia
-no matte shades

 I tried to make as much close-ups and swatches as possible for you:

I am not sure if I even dare to say that, but I might just prefer this to my Naked palettes. The quality of the shades is just as good (if not even better) and the price is practically uncomperable. I wish they made some more of these 8 color palettes (because the other 2 are really bright and not something I would really wear often).

If you are looking for a great palette and are not sure if you want to spend a larger amount of money, this one will be perfect for you.

(If you are from Slovenia, these are available in some stores in Croatia, if you happen to go there, take a look at these!)

Have you tried anything from Wet n wild? Do you like it?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more reviews!


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  1. krasna paletka<3
    nažalost še nisem nič sprobala od Wet'n'Wild, ampak upam, da bom v bližnji prihodnosti. V katerih drogerijah pa je na voljo na Hrvaškem?
    drugače pa je mislim,da bo tale znamka (in še nekatere druge) kmalu na voljo v spletni trgovinici Destination Pretty, tako je vsaj rekla blogerka Sandra (ki je lastnica). :)) yay! :P

  2. Res je super :) Drugače sem jih pa vidla v nekaterih trgovinah Accessories po Hrvaški, zagotovo jih imajo v Tower Centru Rijeka :)

  3. I'm very happy with my Comfort Zone as well. ;) The colors are not my pick right at the moment, but that'll always change. Wishing as well they made more of the high quality 8 shadow palettes with less bright combos..
    I _love_ their trios, all my old ones and the new one I have, Walking on Eggshells - I adore both quality and color combination there and wore only this in terms of eye shadow for like 2 months last summer.
    Happy weekend in advance, xxx

    1. I haven't tried their trios yet, but next time I come across a WetnWild stand, I am definetly buying more! :) If only they were easier to come by here :)
      Thanks, a very happy weekend to you too :)

  4. I didn't know they were so pigmented! :o
    Great blog btw. (:

    1. They are amazingly pigmented :)
      Thank you so much :*

  5. Tole imam že pa dolgo na WL. Upam, da mi jo kmalu uspe dobiti (kot slišim, bo verjetno kmalu na voljo pri nas). :D


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