Tuesday 8 September 2015

It's All Abour Fall

The unbearable heat wave is finally over and we are slowly transitioning into autumn, which is one of my favorite seasons. Crisp air, colorful nature, wearing layers and pumpkin spiced everything is upon us, so I prepared a post of suggestions for a few makeup, lifestyle and beauty items that are perfect for fall. Cozy up with a cup of hot tea (now that it is cold enough for it) and enjoy the post!

Red Basque barrette from Spain (around 20€ )
A perfect way to accessorize is putting a barrette on freshly created curls, add a red lipstick and be out of the door looking chic in no time.

Big tartan scarf from Primark (around 6€ )
(find it here)
Great way to keep warm and accessorize while it's not yet cold enough for winter coats, plus the pattern makes me so happy and the fabric is so soft!

Midi taupe handbag with rose gold hardware from Primark (around 10€ )
(find it here)
Just big enough, and the color goes with almost any outfit, this bag is a must have autumn bargain in my opinion.

Aussie Miracle Shine collection (around 6€ each)
(find it here)
For me, autumn is the time to say goodbye to messy beachy hair and greet sleek, shiny looking curls. This collection makes my hair super clean, but smooth and shiny and I am slightly obsessed with it!

Gold leaf metal headband from Primark (around 2€ )
When I want to add something extra to my hair, I love using a headband. This one is gorgeous, and the gold color works great with other autumn colors.

Black hight-heel ankle boots from H&M (around 30€ )
(find it here)
Ankle boots are by favorite things ever, and these ones are absolutely gorgeous. Perfect, because they work with every day as well as a bit dressier outfits.

Black ankle boots from Primark (around 10€ )
Because I don't want to wear heels every day, I also have this pair of everyday flat ones.

The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milan (around 15€ )
(find it here)
Reading only gets better when it's raining outside and you are cuddled under the blanket with an amazing book. I'm currently reading this one, and so far I love it –I mean when the book is described as a mixture between Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones, it's bound to be incredible!

Animal Kingdom -coloring book for adults by Millie Marotta (around 10€ )
For the artistic soul, this little book will be the perfect way to relax. Full of gorgeous but quite complicated designs, it is a great way to spend a free afternoon. Grab some coloring pens and bring out your inner child!

Oudwood and Tonka Wood Wick Candle by M. of W.G. (around 20€ )
There is no other way to describe it but to say, that I am in love with this candle. The scent is very deep, kind of spicy, musky and would probably make a great male perfume. Just by sitting on a shelf, it makes my room smell divine and I can't imagine what I will do when it runs out.

1. -Vintage clock given to me by my grandma
 In autumn, I like pairing my accessories with a plain black watch. I have a few, but I love this one the most, because it was given to me by my late grandma.

2. -Earrings from Six (around 2€ on sale)
For special occasions, I love adding big statement earrings. I tend to gravitate towards greens or reds and these two are one of my favorite pairs for the fall.

3. -Rings from different Primark sets (around 5€ for a set)

Recently, I became obsessed with wearing rings. Being quite clumsy and forgetful, affordable sets from stores like Primark are the best choice for me.

4. -Statement necklace from AliExpress (around 3€ )
(find it here)
Colder months bring back my desire to accessorize, and one of my favorite ways to spice up an outfit is adding a statement necklace. This one is quite simple, yet sophisticated and will go well with so many different colors.

1.  -Rose gold makeup pouch by KIKO (around 7€ )
After summer, when I was using a nautical themed makeup bag, I like to turn to metallics for autumn. This rose gold bag is big enough to hold all my everyday essentials and still fit into my handbag.

2. -Metallic rose gold makeup bag by Primark (around 4€ )
For those on a tighter budget, I found this awesome bag in Primark. I love the rose gold metallic color and the edgy design of the bag. It's a bit bigger and would be perfect as a beauty bag for a weekend trip.

1. -Aromachologie Relaxing Shower Gel by L'Occitane (around 16€ )
(find it here)
This shower gel is made with lavender, bergamot, mandarin, orange and geranium essential oils and smells amazing, perfect for autumn. It's very gentle and nourishing and will leave your skin feeling amazingly soft.

2. -Yellow Vanilla & Orchid roll-on perfume by KIKO (around 20€ for set of 3)

Colder months call for deeper and softer fragrances, like vanilla. This roll-on combines vanilla and orchid and creates a lovely scent for transition to spicy winter scents.

3. -Le Caramel Exfoliating Shower Gel with sugar by Cottage (around 5€ )
This peeling becomes an essential part of my shower routing in colder months. Big sugar particles are great for exfoliating, and the scent is absolutely yummy.

4. -Essential Rose & Cherry roll-on perfume by KIKO (around 20€ for set of 3)

When I'm in the mood for something lighter, I love this roll-on for autumn. It's not too fruity, but still manages to smell fresh and interesting.

5. -Luxurious Moments 48h fresh deodorant by Fa (around 2€ )
It might seem strange including a deodorant, but this particular one really has my heart. It keeps me fresh and smelling nice all day. The scent is almost identical to Soap&Glory's Flake Away, which makes it even better.

1. -Moisturizing Cream for sensitive skin by La Roche-Posay (around 15€ )
(find it here)
To keep my skin fresh and moisturized, I love the La Roche-Posay Hydreane Legere. It's light, soft and sinks into the skin quickly.

2. -Lip Exfoliator by Elf (around 3€ )

Chapped lips are a big problem for me in the colder months. This Elf exfoliator is great for on the go. The sugar particles provide exfoliation while but the balm leaves a smooth, moisturizing film on the lips.

3. -Vanilla & Macadamia Lip Butter by Labello (around 3€ )

Still my favorite among the Lip Butters, this balm will find a permanent home in my handbag this autumn.

4. -Eye cream with Q10 and mega complex by Balea (around 3€ )

After my birthday in august, I decided it was about time to start using an eye cream to prevent wrinkles and keep the skin under my eyes smooth and moisturized. This one is not too thick and makes the skin under my eyes feel amazing.

5. -Santa's Lip Scrub by Lush (around 8€ )
(find it here)

Lush lip scrubs are probably my favorite and I love every one of them. This one is Coke scented and leaves behind a very slight red tint.

6. -Physiological Micellar Solution by La Roche-Posay (around 11€ )
(find it here)
Micellar waters seem to be a must in every beauty lover's stash, and this one works really well. It's great for removing makeup, cleansing the face or just refreshing your skin.

1. -Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 64 It's Time For Lovender by Catrice (around 3€ )
Muted lavender that sometimes reminds me of mauve, this is a gorgeous light nail polish for fall.

2. -Bahama Mama nail lacquer by Essie (around 10€ )

Basically a cult classic, this burgundy-berry shade is a must for the colder months.

3. -Nail lacquer in 497 Pearly Indian Violet by KIKO (around 4€ )
(find it here)

Another KIKO with a great formula, but this one is an amazing, shimmery version of a traditional burgundy.

4. -Glossfinity in 60 Midnight Bronze by MaxFactor

Rose gold inspired nail polish is simply a must in my fall makeup bag.

5. -Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 38 Vino Tinto by Catrice (around 3€ )
This is a deep, vine red color that just defines autumn to me.

6. -Dry Fast Top Coat by Seche Vite (around 8€ )
(find it here)
After years of putting of buying it, this top coat has changed my life. Nail polish is dry in a matter of minutes, and you are ready to start your autumn adventures.

7. -Chinchilly nail lacquer by Essie (around 10€ )

To match gray, rainy fall days, this is a gorgeous color with amazing formula.

8. -Nail lacquer in 523 Royal Blue by KIKO (around 4€ )
(find it here)

Dark, deep blue is a great dark color for autumn nails, and the formula of these polishes is amazing.

9. -LE Cinderella nailpolish in 02 Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo by Essence (around 2€ )
This one is unfortunately a LE, but it's more about the color than the polish itself. As a break from red and burgundy shades, this mauve looks gorgeous on the nails.

1. -Infallible Mattifying Base by L'Oreal (around 12€ )
To keep your skin matte and looking poreless, invest in a good primer. This one is really amazing!

2. -LE Blurring Powder Pearls by Kaviar Gauche for Catrice (around 5€)

I prefer my skin to be quite matte, but I still like a bit of highlight on my cheekbones. This item is unfortunately LE, but I'm sure you can find something similar. 

3. -LE Rebel Romantic Perfecting Bronzer by KIKO (around 13€ )
(find it here)
Leaving the all-bronzed look behind, I still like to add a bit of warmth to my face. This smooth powder blends perfectly into the skin and gives it a healthy, sun-kissed look. 

4. -Fit Me! Concealer by Maybelline (around 6€ )

Similarly to the previous one, this one provides very good coverage and has a slightly more matte finish.

5. -True Match foundation by L'Oreal (around 15€ )
This was one of my first foundations, and to this day it is still one of my favorites. It provides medium-full coverage and a lovely semi-matte finish while lasting all day long.

6. -True Match concealer by L'Oreal (around 6€ )
It seems like I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect concealer, but this one came pretty close to it. It's light, but provides enough coverage and lasts all day.

7. -Mini Makeup Sponges by Ebelin (around 3€ )

With all those makeup sponges on the market, it seems like every brand made at least one. This set of sponges from Ebelin is pretty awesome. They get much bigger when they are damp, and are great for blending in concealer or other cream products.

8. -Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer by Rimmel (around 7€)
(find it here)
This one works great as a highlighter under the eye, blends smoothly into the skin and keeps you looking fresh and awake all day.

9. -Blush by 3 in Pink Sprint 366 by Sleek (around 17€ )
(find it here)
Autumn is time for berry toned products and this set offers three amazingly pigmented options.

1. -I-Divine palette in Garden of Eden by Sleek (around 13€ )
(find it here)
A selection of green and earthy tones in this palette makes it a must have in the fall.

2. -Mono Eyeshadow Smoulder 214 by Freedom (around 2€ )
(find it here)

For those who prefer single packaged eyeshadows, the Freedom Makeup offers a great selection of colors for. This particular color is a gorgeous shimmery deep green and an absolute bargain.

3. -High Precision Liquid Liner by ArtDeco (around 17€ )

This is, and probably for ever will be, my favorite eyeliner. It has it all, pigmentation, precision, and longevity.

4. -All in One Mascara waterproof by ArtDeco (aro
und 20€ )
(find it here)

Staying true to its name, this mascara gives length and volume to the lashes and keeps them looking great all day.

5. -Infalible eyeshadow in 005 Purple Obsession by L'Oreal (around 8€ )
A little bit further up the price range are the L'Oreal Infalible eyeshadows. Incredibly pigmented and very long-lasting, they are a real drugstore gem.

6. -Dip-It Eyeliner in Forest Green by Sleek (around 7€ )
(find it here)

Great way to change the way your makeup looks is switching the shade of your eyeliner. This Sleek one is a gorgeous deep green and has a lovely matte finish that lasts all day.

7. -Vintage Escape Eye Palette by Cargo (around 40€ )
(find it here)
If you prefer something a bit more high-end, I strongly suggest the Vintage Escape palette. The shades are absolutely perfect for autumn, and the quality simply superb.

1. -Long lasting matte lip gloss in 33 by QiBest (around 2€ )
(find it here)
This is another, extremely budget friendly find. The color is very autumn appropriate, and even though the formula is slightly drying, it's worth it for its staying power.

2. -Infalible Mega cream Lipgloss in 110 I Got the Power by L'Oreal (around 8€ )

To find a lip gloss that I love is quite rare for me, but this one is incredible. The shade is beautiful and the gloss itself rather pigmented and not sticky at all. It smells lovely, and lasts surprisingly well for a lip-gloss.

3. -Intensely Lavish lipstick in 01 Lusty Peony by KIKO (around 7€ )
(find it here)

Most recent addition to my stash, but already well loved. The dusky rose color is incredible, and the formula leaves the lips nourished and shiny. I can't get over how gorgeous the packaging is.

4. -Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 304 Eclipse by Rimmel (around 6€ ) 

When I am in the mood for a berry shade, this is one of my favorites to reach for, and it works great with so many different looks.

5. -Longlasting Lipliner in 05 Lovely Frapuccino by Essence (around 2€ )

For those who prefer a true nude, this is a dark matte finish that looks amazing on the lips.

6. -(fake) Diva matte lipstick by MAC (around 4€ )

Intrigued to see how the copy compares to the real deal, I ordered this fake MAC lipstick. Even though the color and the formula is not half as impressive as the real deal, the color is amazing and perfect for fall.

7. -Color Riche lipstick in Laetitia's Pure Red by L'Oreal (around 12€ )

A true gem, this lipstick has incredible matte formula and the most beautiful deep dark red shade.

8. -Liquid lipstick in 06 Make a statement by Essence (around 3€)

Something new to try, are Essence's autumn release liquid lipsticks. They are very pigmented and still shiny and glossy. They are not as long-lasting as some of the others, but are a lovely budget find.

9. -Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 402 Across the Universe by Rimmel (around 6€ ) 

These are the best liquid lipstick on the market in my opinion. Smooth, pigmented and long lasting, while the colors are simply enchanting. This one is a gorgeous red shade.

10. -Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream in 436 Birthday Suit by Sleek (around 10€ )

For days when you want to wear nude on the lips, this would be my first choice in terms of longevity. The color is absolutely gorgeous, and the formula comfortable for an extremely matte finish.

11. -Ultimate Stay in 070 Plum & Base by Catrice (around 4€ )

Every beauty lover's must have, this lipstick is incredible. Gorgeous color, beautiful finish and a long-lasting formula, -what more could you want?

12. -Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 101 Celestial by Rimmel (around 6€ ) 

For a nude option, I love this liquid lipstick. The shade is very flattering and it feels so comfortable on the lips.

13. -Longlasting Lipliner in 07 Plum Cake by Essence (around 2€ )

Even though they are very affordable, this liner has a great formula and staying power. The color is a perfect autumn plum.

14. -Lipstick in 122 by Misslyn (around 4€ )

Already featured on my blog, but I had to mention it again. A great choice for a really dark, vampy lip.

15. -Pro Lipstick in 120 True Power by Freedom (around 2€ )
(find it here)
Budget friendly pop of red for the lips is a must have in a handbag. This one has a lot of color payoff and still keeps the lips feeling soft and moisturized. The staying power is not amazing, but you can always slip it in your pocket for on-the-go touch ups.

16. -Mehr matte lipstick by MAC (around 20€ )
One of my favorites, this is a gorgeous color for any time of the year. The formula and staying power are amazing and are well worth a splurge.


Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Super objava, del z šminkami mi je sploh najbolj zanimiv hehe :)

    1. Hvala :) Sem si rekla, da bom za vsak finish izbrala samo eno šminko, pa mi nekako ni uspelo :P :)

  2. Ooh, I love your clothing choices, especially the shoes! <3 So awesome.
    I got similar heel boots this spring and love them (but during the few cool days that permitted warmer shoes I opted for medium-heel cowboy-ish boots) and flat ankle boots just like yours from Primark are still on my list, I don't have Primark but saw some great ones at Deichmann for 15€, must buy..

    As I'm in a perfume craze phase right now, my current fave part about autumn appoaching is getting out my heavier, more powdery perfumes. \(*^▽^*)/

    Wishing you a beautiful week!

    1. Thanks dear <3 I'm so thrilled it's autumn, so that I can actually start wearing layers and boots and everything :) And don't even get me started on the perfumes, it feels like I buy a new one every week, they just all smell so good :D

  3. Super objava <3 Še ena jesenska navdušenka tule, sem komaj čakala, da mine poletje :D

  4. Čudovita objava in slike so prava paša za oči! <3
    Jaz pa sem še vedno nekako v poletju (še pripravljam eno poletno objavo :P ), čeprav se že čuti hladnejši zrak. Tudi meni je jesen vsako leto bolj pri srcu in bom tudi sama naredila podobno objavo (sem jo tudi lansko leto).
    Tudi meni je najbolj všeč del s šminkami. <3 Najbolj so mi všeč vse od Rimmel, Catrice Plum & Base, Sleek Matte Me, Mac Mehr, Kiko Lusty Peony in L'orealova Laetitia. :)
    Nakit je tudi WAU in prav vsak kos se mi dopade. Pa seveda oboji gležnarji. Mi je zelo všeč tvoj stil!
    Za jesen pa bom jaz tudi izbrala tale Lush piling za ustnice (trenutno ga preveč zanemarjam) in isti Fa deodorant, ki je poleti bil premočan. :)

    1. Hvala <3 Se že veselim jesenske objave :D Komaj sem čakala na hladnejše mesece da lahko začnem malo močnejše šminke nosit :D

  5. Super objava! :)


  6. Super fotografije. Listeki so taka dobra kompozicija :) Seveda odlična objava. Sem imela nekaj pdobnega v mislih. Jesen je meni najljubša kar se tiče barv. Čisto moji odtenki. Ankle boots so mi všeč s peto. Imam podobne iz H&M-a in jih zelo rada nosim jeseni. Tudi torbica mi je zelo všeč :).

    1. Hvala :) <3 Ja, HM ima že kar nekaj let super ponudbo jesenskih čevljev :)

  7. Vsi že komaj čakajo jesen, meni pa že ta ohladitev mi ni prav ni povšeči in ko bodo krajši dnevi pa še manj ... joj komaj čakam pomlad :D všeč mi je narava in ti si jesensko vzdušje zelo lep prikazala na svojih slikah :)
    Seche Vita nadlak je tudi pri meni že več časa na listi želja in glede na to, da je na razpolago končno v Sloveniji, ga bom kupila. Edina ovira je, da imam na polički še 3 nadlake za porabit, ker če jih ne bom sedaj, jih tudi potem ne bom :) pa res posuši vse tako hitro, tudi če nanešeš 3 nanose laka pod njega?

    1. Sama vedno nanesem 2 sloja laka na obe roke in potem dodam še Seche Vite nadlak, in nohti so suhi v roku slabe minute. :)

    2. To se bere super... moj bo, upam, da kmalu! :D še eno vprašanje... kako so kaj udobni H&M čevlji s peto? Sama sem pred leti kupila sandale s cca 10cm tanko peto, 2cm platforme in tako udobnih pet še nisem imela, pa sem zanje dala niti ne 20€ :)

    3. Super, poročaj kako se ti obnese :D Danes sem jih prvič imela res cel dan obute, pa so res super -višina pete, brez da bi te noge noro bolele -super so :) Samo nekajkrat jih je treba prej uhodit, ker so precej trdi na gležnjih :)

  8. Carska objavica, da en bi o izdelkih, ki si jih izbrala:) jst še nisem preklopla na jesen..res ne:), pa bo potrebno kmalu menjat reči:)drgače pa fenica jeseni in vseh lepih barv.

    1. Hvala :) Oh jaz sem že od avgusta naprej sanjala o jeseni <3


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