Friday 18 September 2015

New In My Beauty Stash #14: Summer 2015

Summer is over, which was clearly stated also by my awful cold that actually kept me from blogging a few days. But, before I dive head over heels into autumn, I have one a few more things to show you. I've been quite undisciplined in the summer and just kept buying and buying stuff, therefore, I have quite a big haul to share with you.

Sun Dance Self Tanning
 Tonic, around 3€
This was a totally Mateja inspired purchase and it was really hard to track down. I've been testing it for quite a while and I am still not able to form a full opinion on it. It's nice, but I'll have to report more about it later.

Primark Makeup Bag, around 4€
The edgy rose gold metallic makeup bag was a necessary purchase from Primark. I've already been using it loads, especially for when I want to take a bit more of my makeup with me. To check out this one, and also the other makeup bag I've been obsessed with lately, check my latest It's All About Fall post.

Set of makeup brushes from AliExpress, around 5€
These were an impulse buy and were added to my basket when I was bargain shopping on AliExpress. They are really soft and small enough to fit in almost any makeup bag. The selection is great, and they seem a great deal for a small price.

L'Oreal True Match foundation, around 15€
Ever since the beginning of my makeup days, this has been one of my absolute favorite foundations. I found this on sale; therefore I absolutely had to get it. The coverage and texture are great for days when you are going for a full-on makeup look. It lasts for a whole day and keeps my face from looking too greasy.

L'Oreal True Match concealer, around 6€
This concealer was already mentioned in my It's All About Fall post and I still agree with everything I said about it.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, around 5€
Similarly to the L'Oreal one, this was already mentioned in my last post, but let me just say it once more, it's awesome.

Japonesque eyelash curlers, around 10 € (discounted price)
Needing a new pair of curlers, I was on the lookout for an interesting pair for quite a while. I finally found some in TK-Maxx and I love them. They work significantly better than any of my cheap ones and I love them.

Catrice All Matt Anti-Shine paper
When I was buying this, it was still scorching hot and summery. I was looking for something to help me get rid of the greasy look on my face and I picked up this. The plastic packaging makes it very easy and convenient to carry around (as opposed to some of the cheaper ones that come in paper boxes) and they are very good at getting rid of shine on my face.

Essence brushes, around 3 € each
At first, I was convinced I'd have to get the whole collection of the brushes that Essence brought out, but somehow managed to restrain myself and only get the two I was most interested in.
The pink one is a flat brush with very short and dense bristles and is amazing for applying eyeshadow below the lower lash line. The blue one is a thin and precise brush that works great when adding a highlight to the inner corner.

Ebelin mini makeup sponges, around 3 €
When I saw these will be available at DM's I knew I'd have to track them down –and it really was quite a mission to find them. They are the best amongst all of the makeup sponges I've tried so far. They grow a lot when put under water, and get very soft and squishy. It's very easy to clean them, which is great and they work mazing for blending out under eye concealer and other creamy products.

Seche Vite dry fast top coat, around 6 € (discounted price)
As mentioned in my It's All About Fall post, this completely surprised me. I really like it and it has quickly become an essential part of my manicure.

Catrice nail polish in 38 Vino Tinto, around 2 €
This one was also featured in my latest post, and it's a very lovely dark fall color. I'm preparing a separate post on this, so you will soon be able to see how it looks on the nails.

Autumn lipsticks form AliExpress, each around 2 €
When browsing on the AliExpress page, I got sucked up into a vortex of high-end brand imitations. At the end I decided to try a MAC Diva replica, and then added two matte liquid lipsticks. The MAC replica is ok, but not amazing, and the small dark matte one (QiBest Longlasting Lip Gloss) also works quite fine. It's dries very fast and is surprisingly budge-proof. The bright berry one (Menow Generation 2 Long Lasting Lip Gloss) in the long tube simply doesn't work for me.  The color is gorgeous, but the texture is simply unbearable –it's heavy, uncomfortable and it starts rubbing of in little pieces almost immediately after application. Even the scent and taste of this lipstick is repulsive and I am getting rid of it as soon as I finish this post.

Catrice Ultimate Stay Lip liner in 040 Love The Way You Plum, around 3 €
Another lip product that completely disappointed me was this lip liner. I feel in love with the color in the store and popped it in my basket, but immediately regretted it after trying it out at home. It's very dry and the formula isn't smooth which makes it hard to apply and unpleasant to use. Despite everything I loved the color and was willing to endure the unpleasant formula, until it started peeling of my lips in big patches as soon as I started moving my lips. I don't know what Catrice wanted to do with this one, but it certainly doesn't match their usual standard and quality.

Essence Liquid Lipstick in 06 make a statement, around 3 €
As many of the items in this post, this lipstick was also featured in my latest post. The bright color looks lovely on the lips, and even though it isn't my favorite formula of drugstore liquid lipstick, it is a great budget find.

L'Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss in 110 I Got the Power, around 9 €
There is nothing that I wouldn't like about this lip-gloss, and this coming from a person who used to hate lip-glosses means a lot. The texture is lovely, smooth and creamy and feels pleasant and not sticky at all. The color is almost opaque and the tiny shimmer in it gives the lips a lovely shine. It stays on the lips surprisingly well for a lip-gloss and has a very pleasant, sweet scent. The applicator is absolutely genius, even though it looks quite weird at first. It hugs the lips perfectly and helps to achieve even and thin application.

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in 005 Purple Obsession, around 8 €
Whenever I find L'Oreal products on sale, I have to check if there is something I might like to have. On one of these occasions, I picked this bright, amazingly pigmented purple eyeshadow. The texture is amazing, the pigmentation out of this world, it blends gorgeously and stays on the lids for the whole day.

Yanqina Waterproof Eyeliner from AliExpress, around 1 €
Another impulse buy, but this one turned out to be quite successful. Even though the felt tip applicator is not as thin as I'd like it to be, the pigmentation of this liner is amazing. It applies smoothly and stays on the lids for a good couple of hours.

Primark P.S. lip balms, around 2€ each
This cute little pots caught my eyes on one of my visits to Primark, but landed in my basket after they were reduced to .50 cents each, -what a bargain. They are lovely, slightly colored lip balms that offer some hydration and a slight tint to the lips. After a suggestion from a fellow blogger, UniqaPoly, I also tried them out as a cream blusher, and they worked just as well. Such a cute little pot and the multi-functionality makes them even a bigger bargain.

What was your favorite purchase this summer?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Sun dance tonik je pa letos res zelo priljubljen :) Drugače pa same super pridobitve :D

    1. Če pa zveni magically super :D Drugače pa hvala :D

  2. Actually positive reviews of this me:now lipcream prompted me to buy quite a few of them at once for like 0,95 each.. ugh. How can someone not notice the intense, chemically gross smell of them?! Well, maybe being gifted them from bornprettystore helped...
    I don't know, they have fabulous colors, but the 'scent' prevented me from even experimenting with the formula. A tad of lipbalm erased the crumbling, but not the stench.

    But bargain shopping on aliexpress can be so great, sythetic brushes there are usually the bomb.
    I got a few shimmery baked blushes (Y:CID, mivagirl, sleek) and they're amazing, Y:CID has interesting, non-sticky but beautifully dewy light liquid blushes as well..
    And I just bought a wide-brimmed, dark red hat for winter, after I liked a black&white summer hat so much. We'll see. Sushi molds, pretty lace bras.. Oh, and the cute alpacasso plushies.. <3 :D

    1. I only use Aliexpress for cheap items that don't come in contact with my skin. I wouldn't dare to put those brushes near my lips or eyes, let alone a lipstick. You never know what sorts of chemicals can get released from them.
      I'm even hesistant about buying nail polish in Chinese 1€ stores, just because you never know what weird concoction of chemicals they are. Then again, if I buy them in EU; I hope they're regulated...
      Not to mention that not even all ingredients in tested, well-known and trusted brands are healthy for our bodies :/ Less is more, I guess!

  3. Uh kolko lepotičk imam tudi sama:), krasna objava. Sama sploh nimam pojma več kaj vse sem nakupila, tekom poletja, pa bolše da niti ne razmišljam o tem.:)hihihi

  4. Krasno naravno podlago si uporabila za fotkanje!

    1. Hvala :) Se trudim čim več slikat v naravnih okoljih, ker mi je najbolj všeč podlaga in efekt :)

  5. O, zelo zanimiva objava. Všeč mi je, kako imaš postavljene slike in potem kar vleče, da bi človek bral.
    Also, Aliexpress nakupi woop woop. :D

    1. Hvala :D Take stvari je res super slišat! :)

  6. Same čudovite stvari si kupila :) Essencijeva čopiča in Ebelinovi gobici so čisto poletne barve in upam, da bom vsaj Ebelinovi gobici dobila. Za čopiče sem že najbrž prepozna :(
    Šminke na prvi sliki so tako lepih barv, joj kar vse bi imela :D samo kaj, ko jih najbrž ne bi nosila, ker nosim večinoma nude ali nežko obarvane.

    1. Gobici sta res super, močno priporočam, če so še kje na voljo! :) Oh, pri šminkah se pa vsega navadiš s časom, samo malo je treba bit pogumen! :D

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