Thursday 29 May 2014

Balea Wash Gel Review

 This is a pretty basic face cleanser. It removes the dirt and most of your makeup (even though you will probably have to remove the waterproof makeup with something else).

The cleanser is in a gel form with some bubbles inside and it is supposed to smell like grapefruit (I'm not really a fan of the scent as it reminds me of the toilet cleaning products). The product has a pump, which gives you just the right amount to use for one wash. I apply it to my face, add some water to foam it up, rub it all over my face and then wash away with water. It literally leaves my face »squeaky« clean (even though I'm not really sure that is the effect I am looking for).

The label claims that it is enriched with Vitamin C and Provitamin B which are, amongst other things supposed to help improve and even out your skin tone. Well I certainly haven't seen any such effect on my skin. 

I think I am going to use this up, since it still does the basic job of cleaning my face (but when it runs out, I'm definitely going to try something else). If you are on a really tight budget and would like to buy a cleanser, then you might like this, but in any other case, I recommend trying something else.

Have you tried the product? How do you feel about it?

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  1. Cleaning gel is perfect choose for washroom. Great to hear this is working for you. I need to do it again myself soon ?? I try to use natural cleaners as much as possible. They are great for the entire family.


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