Thursday 1 May 2014

Feeling blue - A colorful makeup look

Lately I've really been into creating different and bolder makeup looks. I got a colored mascara this past month and have been looking for a way to use it. I was playing around with blue colors and came up with this look. I really like it since it is so bright but at the same time still wearable. 

First, I put a shimmery light gold shadow all over the lid and added a bit of darker color in the crease. Then I used a light blue colored pencil and draw a thick line above the lash line. Then I took my liquid eyeliner and added a cat eye line at the lash line. I took a bright gold shade and put it in my inner eye corner. For the lower lash line I used a dark blue color. After that I curled my lashes and coated them with the blue mascara. To make it a bit more wearable I used a black mascara and put it at the ends of the lashes. 

For my brows I used my E.l.f. brow palette –which I am loving at the moment. (my brows have never looked better!).  Then I added a bright pink blush on the cheeks and a hint of purple toned lipstick on my lips. 

Here's a picture of the product that I used

Do you like wearing bold colors on your eyes? Would you wear a look like this?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

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  1. Lep makeup :) jaz sem ravno zadnjič probala modri eyeliner spodaj na očeh, zgoraj pa pac crnega, pa mi je zelo všeč.. :)


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