Monday 19 May 2014

Catrice Le Grand Bleu LE Preview

There is a new exciting LE collection coming up to Catrice stands and here is a sneaky preview of the products you will be able to get in the drugstores in June.

What they say about the collection:

The blue hour. Soft pastels, bright azure, magical turquoise and dark marine shades: this summer’s fashion is focusing on the colour blue. Countless nuances of the cool aqua shade are coming together on the international catwalks with shimmering, sometimes even iridescent fabrics.

 Eye shadow pens in:

C01 Black's Pearl
C02 Underwater Laugh
C03 Mermaiday Mayday

C04 Mermaid It
 Eyeliner pen in:

C01 Entering Atlantis
Liquid highlighter in:

C01 Black's Pearl

Nail polishes in:

C01 Underwater Laugh
C02 Mermaiday Mayday
C03 Bella Aquarella
C04 Entering Atlantis
C05 Mermaid It

Matt lip cream in:

C01 Never leave coral reef


Crystal lip gloss in:

C01 Black's Pearl

 I'm really interested in the highlighter and the blue eyeliner. Are you planing on getting anything from this collection?

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