Tuesday 7 October 2014

Must have: Essential oils

Today, I want to tell you about one of my favorite everyday essentials. It is a great way of getting the room smell lovely without worrying about a lot of candle smoke in the air. So, let me tell you a little bit about my etheric oil collection.

How I use them:

I have a few of these dispensers, where you pour in some water, add a few drops of the oil and light a candle underneath. I light them almost every day when I get home from work or university, in the evening, when I am getting ready to go to sleep and especially when I am studying, because they help me to relax and focus.

I much prefer spicy and warm scents; therefore I own very little fruity fragrances:

Body Shop Strawberry
Not one of my favorites, a bit too sweet and sickly, but it works nice in bigger spaces (my room is very small)

White Lychee and Fig
This one is very special to me, because I got it from my grandma and it reminds me of her anytime I use it. It has a very fresh and light scent; it gets the room smelling clean and nice without being too obvious. I like to use it when I am studying, because it is so nice and refreshing.

Jasmin and Orange
Jasmin is definitely my all-time favorite fragrance and combined with orange it makes an amazing room scent. Using it always puts me in a good, happy mood and gives me lots of energy.

I got this one last Christmas from my boyfriend’s mum and it always gets me into Christmas spirit. It is a lovely, simple cinnamon-y scent, perfect for those who don't want anything to strong or 

I have two different oils with vanilla scent, but I prefer the Ombia one. It is such a nice warm and cozy scent, perfect for the colder months. It makes my room smell like it is full of freshly baked cookies when I use it.

This one is the strongest in my collection and is so powerful, that you can practically taste it when you use it. I use it very very lightly so it doesn't get too sickly, but it is great to use in the bathroom while enjoying a nice worm bath. Perfect choice for all the chocolate addicts out there!

Winter Spice
This one is my go-to Christmas scent. It makes the room smell like there is a bit pot of mulled wine cooking somewhere nearby. It is a great mixture of spicy scents that gets you feeling a little bit extra Christmassy.

Do you use essential oils or do you prefer candles?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!


your Beautysaur 


  1. Kje si kupila tega z jasminom in pomarančo? :) To mora tok noro dišati pa še jasim je moj najljubši vonj <3

  2. Tega sm kupila v Sparu, jih prodajajo tam pri svečah in podobnem :) In ja krasen krasen krasen je :)

  3. Jaz uporabljam sveče, ampak me včasih že močen vonj pri svečah moti.. Ne vem kako pa je z olji. Tudi lahko dražijo sluznico?

    1. Mene pri svečah moti predvsem dim, ker me potem zelo hitro začne bolet glava. Mislim da je odvisno od vsakega vonja posebej kako dražeč bi bil, kakšni nežni in ne preveč agresivni vonji po mojem nebi smeli povzročati problemov :)


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