Monday 2 March 2015

February Favorites 2015

After the extensive amount of favorites in January, this month went by much quicker, and I haven't used that much makeup anyways. But the few things that I will write about today were my absolute favorites this month.

To start with skincare, I started using a new moisturizer. I had this product a few years ago, but didn't really use it, so I gave it to my mother.
 This month I realized I really needed to start using a moisturizer so I got a new one. It's the Moj Dan daily moisturizing cream with almond oil and vitamin E. Even though this is supposed to be a daily moisturizer, I only use it at night. My skin tends to be very oily; therefore using the cream through the day would mean an oily disaster. But after a thorough cleanse in the evening, my skin is happy to drink up the moisture this provides. In the morning I wake up with moisturized and firm, but not oily skin. 
 The texture is light and smooth and the scent is really lovely, sweet with the slightest hint of almonds. But, the best part about this is, that it will only set you back around 3 €.
I've been really pleased with my skin lately. I've found a lot of products that work for me and my skin has visibly improved. One of the products that has a lot to do with the improvement is this Garnier Pure Active Anti-spot wash with vegetable charcoal. Targeted at greasy skin with persistent problems, this product is very strong. Packed with salicylic acid and charcoal, both known for their adsorbing and purifying abilities, the product is extremely purifying.

 The texture is very smooth and creamy, and comes out of the tube slightly gray but lathers into a white-ish cream. After use, my skin is completely free of any dirt and oils. Even with my oily skin, I only use it when I see that my skin really needs something stronger, and even then I mainly focus it on my T-zone. I make sure to thoroughly moisturize the areas where I used the product.  My skin is visibly clearer and there are significantly less spots on my face. Be careful though, because I is definitely not appropriate for dry or sensitive skin.

I mentioned this palette in my January favorites post, but I had to include it again. As I said, I haven't been using a lot of makeup, but there has been an obvious favorite when I was reaching for eye shadow.
The Creme Brulee eyeshadow from Cargo's Let's meet in Paris palette is a gorgeous coppery-gold shimmery eye shadow. The pigmentation is superb, the texture creamy and blendable and the color is a lovely refreshment from my usual straight-on golds.

The staying power is impressive; the shadow lasts on my lids through entire day. I love how the shimmer catches the sun and gives the shadow a beautiful dimension, making it look great even if it is the only thing you put on the lids.

The biggest surprise this month was the L'Oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga mascara. I was really excited when I got this mascara last year, but that is where my excitement ended. The moment I used it, I was completely disappointed with it. The texture was runny, it made my lashes clump and stick together and even the brush was impossible to work with.  I gave it a few more tries, but gave up on it soon after.
 I've told everyone how much I hated it, but this month I had to admit I was wrong. I don't know what went through my mind, but I decided to try it one more time. I was completely blown away. The formula was much dryer but it made all the difference. It separates my lashes, gives them length and volume and can be built up, giving my lashes almost a false-lash effect.

 The wand is shaped like a birch tree, wider at the bottom and thinner at the top. This makes it easier to access the inner parts of the eyes and bottom lashes. It is still not better that my beloved Rocket mascara, but I've been obsessed with it this month.
A bit more random favorite is this bracelet. I've had this inexplicable desire to decorate my wrists this month, it felt like a great way to slowly start incorporating color to my wardrobe, now that spring is just around the corner. This one has been in my collection forever, I got it at a mineral fair ages ago, and it wasn't really used much. In February, this was on my wrist practically every day. It's great for stacking, but also looks lovely on its own and it really got me into wearing jewelry on my wrists.

Thank you for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Tale Garnier wash izgleda zanimivo, že nekaj časa želim sprobat nekaj z charcoal, ampak sem imela v preteklosti vedno neagtivne izkušnje z Garnier-jem in ne vem če si upam tvegat... Miss Manga je pa res zakon :)

    1. Zanimivo, meni pa Garnier zadnje čase čist zmaguje kar se tiče skincare :)

  2. Sm mogla prav poguglat tole paleto senčil, prekrasna embalaža <3

    1. Res je lepa ja, samo malček nepraktična, ker je iz blaga in kartona, in se že od začetka malo slabše zapira :/


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