Saturday 14 March 2015

Great skincare on a tight budget

There are times, when a girl has to treat herself to a luxury item, but then there are other times, when you can find real gems even in the most budget friendly aisles. Today I would like to share with you one of my favorite bargain finds.

Mojdan daily moisturizing cream with almond oil & vitamin E
I first found the moisturizer in my mum’s collection, she must have gotten it as a present, probably from my grandma, but she started using it and fell in love with it. I went through her stash when I ran out of my moisturizer and found this one. First, I was intrigued by its scent, very gentle but sweet, with the slightest touch of almond. I used it and then went back to my usual moisturizer, but realized that preferred my mom's one. So I checked what it was and went to buy my own. I was surprised by the price, which was just a couple of euros.
It's a daily moisturizer and the texture of the product is appropriately light. It applies very thin and sinks into the skin quite quickly, but leaves it feeling very soft and moisturized. Even though it's meant to be used as a daily product, I mostly use it at nights. My skin is very oily and too much moisture during the day would result in a very shiny face, but at night, the moisture is extremely welcome. In the morning I wake up with firm and radiant looking skin that looks healthy and moisturized.

Mojdan tonic with marshmallow & witch hazel extract
Having tried the moisturizer, I was curious to try other products from the line. I spotted this tonic and since I was without one for a while, I picked it up. First of all this smells amazing, probably due to the marshmallow in it. It feels very refreshing on the skin, but I wouldn’t know about any moisturizing abilities. I continue to use it because I love the smell and also because it really relaxes me. Whether this had anything to do with the improvement of my skin, I don't really know, but it is the part of a routine that is working for me, so I'll continue to use it.

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a great moisturizer, I strongly recommend this one. I adore it and think it's best than any other I've tried before. The tonic might not be the most effective, but to me it is a great treat in my skincare routine and I love to use it. They are available in the cosmetics section in Mercator stores.

Have you ever tried anything from the brand? Do you have any other great budget skincare finds to recommend?

Thanks for reading and see you in a next post!

your Beautysaur

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  1. Prvič slišim za to znamko, zanimivo :) Tudi jaz si pomagam z mamino kozmetiko, ko mi zmanka moje. :D xx S&R


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