Thursday 5 March 2015

Mint State of Mind

Sunny days and warmer weather means that spring is finally back. Even though I love winter, I couldn't be happier that there are warmer days ahead of us. And what better way to prepare for spring than to add some color to your life?
I went through my stash, looking for a bright color, and this Barry M beauty caught my eye. The 426 Sugar Apple is a gorgeous mint color, perfect for the spring and summer. The gelly hi-shine formula makes this polis a dream to apply. The color is opaque in two coats and the polish is very quick to dry, leaving a very glossy and shiny finish.
I compared the polish to the other mint-ish colors in my collection, and while there is a clear green undertone in the Essence Floral Grunge nailpolish in 03 Grunge me tender, the Essence Colour&Go in 146 that’s what I mint! is very similar, only slightly darker and less vibrant.
The polish was on my nails for the past week, and it stayed on without any chipping and the only visible damage was at the tip of the nails. In my book, this polish has everything you would want from one, and with the gorgeous color and a pretty affordable price tag, this makes it an absolute must-have.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!


your Beautysaur


  1. Zelo lep odtenek:) Očitno je formula tudi odlična, če ti je tako dolgo ostal na nohtih. Moram probat kakšnega od Berry M, ker nimam še nobenega:).

    1. Jaz sem bila prepričana da je ta hype ki ga angleške bloggerke biuldajo okoli Barry M popolnoma zgrešen, zdaj pa ko sem probala, sem čisto zaljubljena :D

  2. Super barva, sama obožujem mint barvo, sploh na nohtih in imam 4 res podobne odtenke, ampak je vsak malo drugačen od ostalih. Obstojnost je pa očitno res sanjska :)


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